August 16, 2012

lusting after...

Long story short, I signed up for some Amazon emails today to get a 20% off code and this Loeffler Randall Rider handbag was immediately suggested for me. That's what I love/hate about Amazon.... they just KNOW my preferences which is amazing, but then I want to buy everything which is NOT amazing haha! I've wanted a cute little briefcase for a while and this one literally jumped out at me and said BUY ME. What do you think? Should I get it with my 20% off coupon or wait for something a little less expensive?


  1. so much for your first paycheck! :P Very cute. I've been just dragging my increasingly dodgy looking longchamp to work.

  2. (Gilt is having a good sale on FURLA, lotta cute stuff, about half the price)

  3. I really like 2 of the furla bags - 1 is sold out in every color (big tote) and the other one doesnt come in black! but you are making me re-think this purchase because there are obviously other bags out there that are really nice and less expensive.. i was actually just looking at the cambridge satchel bags online that are like 150... but you have to physically unbuckle your bag every time. i think i'd get annoyed