August 4, 2012


In my last post I talked about getting a keratin treatment that requires not getting the hair wet for 4 days. What I didn't mention (but I have mentioned before on this blog) is that I'm currently in the process of helping my parents move! August heat + sweat + hair treatment = problems! I've done a good job so far of keeping my hair dry, but even staying indoors with AC cannot stop sweat from developing when you are constantly moving about, carrying boxes, clothes, etc up and down flights of stairs. The point of all this is that I'm pretty embarrassed about the greasiness of my hair, but I don't think it shows too terribly in pictures. Tonight I went over to my mom's friend's house who just got a new pool - obviously I couldn't partake in christening the pool due to said hair treatment - but it was nice to put on clothes, eat Five Guys, and have a few drinks overlooking the pool and joke around talking. Fun fact: my dad had to testify in a murder trial earlier this year. Good times. Google Sheila Davalloo if you are into crimes and such, it makes for an interesting read.
Vest: Zara
Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Target
Bracelets: Movado, Mexico vendor
Bag: Longchamp
2 things I wanted to note: 1) sorry for wearing the same vest 2 posts in a row - I'm living out of a suitcase, shit happens! 2) I placed a Zara order online and it literally arrived the next day (same order I got this vest from). There must be a warehouse near CT or something because that is AMAZING time. When I order online from Miami I usually have to wait approx 4 business days (during non-sale time)!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog =) I am obsessed with stripes this summer. I love the simplicity of your outfit. Enjoy the rest of your week!