September 5, 2012


Suit: Ann Taylor
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Heels: Ann Taylor
Belt: Ann Taylor
(I just LOLed because I didn't realize everything was Ann Taylor until now)
Necklace: Bon Ton
Bag: Longchamp
Today called for a suit at work as I was present in court for a hot second and then accompanied my boss to my first civil deposition. A deposition, in case ya didn't know, is a statement under oath before a court reporter and usually attorneys from both sides to find out facts about the case. Because depositions are under oath, you have to choose your words carefully because if the case ends up going to trial and your words differ at trial than from what was said in the deposition, it can mean some trouble for you. I did literally countless depositions while interning for the public defender but civil depositions are different. There is more of a time crunch to get it done quickly because the client (or in this case, the defense attorney's client) is paying for the deposition and the more time it takes the more money it costs. For Florida criminal cases, in contrast, the state/government/taxpayers pay for depositions so they are taken more liberally and frequently. This particular one was pretty straightforward, and was a good learning experience.
BF took my photos today, and let's just say he needs some practice with the camera :) This is the only shot that didn't come out completely blurry.

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