October 27, 2012

October Budget Recap

I'm linking up with Franishh for my October Budgeting Recap! This is my second month on a budget and I can say I've made some improvements. I spent much less on food and dining than last month - this was partly due to several lunches with my bosses where they paid, and partly because I made an effort to not go out to expensive dinners every weekend. There are still 4 days left in October though so I expect to spend a little more on food, and I'm going out tonight so I'm expecting to use up the rest of my entertainment budget.
The clothing budget is still in the red because I decided to carry over the extra from last month to encourage me not to spend more this month. I was VERY good this month, but I gave in to Forever 21 a few days ago and I purchased some cute dressier black flats and a J. Crew lookalike bracelet for ~$20. I love the J. Crew version but I just cannot justify spending $125 on a costume bracelet at this time.
This month I also FINALLY went to the tailor and dry cleaner. I spent a whopping $180 at the tailor, but I got 2 shirts for work re-worked so I could actually wear them (the sleeves were constricting before so I had the tailor cut them off), I got 4 pairs of pants hemmed (and one of them was wide-legged style and I had the tailor taper the leg to be straight - they are now my favorite pair of work pants), and I got 2 skirts taken in so they fit at the waist. Basically I have an entire new work wardrobe and I couldn't be happier.
In terms of beauty, this month I'm in the red because I purchased a laser hair removal treatment for ~$199. I have to tell myself it is necessary/worth it because it's working already, and I can't wait to have smooth legs all the time! I spent $10 on an eyeliner kohl from Sephora, and Sephora was running an online promotion where whatever you bought you got 5 free samples. I decided I really wanted to try some new fragrances so that is really the only reason I bought the eyeliner. I'm loving the Tocca, Marc Jacobs, and Marchesa fragrances, but Angel by Thierry Mugler is the most disgusting thing I've ever smelled in my entire life - and I am not exaggerating, lol. The reviews online are very 50/50. Some people love it, and some people adamantly hate it. I fall into the hate it category. To me, it smells like a mixture of urine and body odor...but that's my opinion! 
Head on over to Franishh's blog to see the other Budgeting Bloggers and read about how we managed our budgets this month!


  1. I love those shoes and bracelet - I'm heading to the mall tomorrow to return something so I'll have to swing by F21 because like you said, I like the J. Crew version but that much money for costume jewelry is absurd. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hi! I popped over from Frannish! I started doing the budget group last month. I love the flats & bracelet you picked up - they look so much more expensive than they were. And I can completely relate to the tailoring...I took a bunch of stuff last week that will come out of my November Budget. $130, yikes! But like you, it's giving me several new items that otherwise weren't working for my closet. I feel like it will be money well spent.

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Hi! I love your blog!!! Especially because you take care of us girls in a budget. Can you tell me which app or program you use to make your budget chart? Thanks!

  4. I use www.Mint.com to create and track my budget. They also have an iPhone app. There might be other Mint.com apps for other phones but I don't know for sure if they exist.