October 2, 2012

September Budget Recap

I decided to open up a Mint.com account in August to track my spending. I'm finally on my own now and I figured I needed a way to visualize where my money is going. September was my first full month I was able to track and all those red marks don't look so good! Mint.com is a pretty good tool, but there are some things I'd change if I could. For example, purchases are automatically arranged into categories and you have to manually change them if they are incorrect. For example, if I go to the gas station to pick up a gatorade the transaction will be marked under "gas and fuel" instead of food. Similarly, if I eat at McDonalds (my guilty pleasure) it will be marked as "fast food" and not merely "food and dining." The other thing I'm having trouble with is the "entertainment" category. For me, food often IS my form of entertainment, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this category...

I obviously did the worst in clothing - but let me explain myself! Some of it carried over from last month, so in actuality I probably only spent $400 instead of $573. I understand this is a LOT of money for clothes, but then again clothes are somewhat of entertainment for me too. My largest purchase was the Loeffler Randall Rider satchel. I also picked up some shoes from Forever 21, and a dress and blouse from Old Navy.

Obviously other than clothing the other category with the most spending was Restaurants. This month was a HUGE month of celebration, however, and I hope the worst of spending in this category is over - I passed the bar and went out to 2 Morton's dinners to celebrate that, one of my good friends got engaged and it was her birthday so we did a brunch for that, and one of my good friends' cousins was visiting Miami so we went out to dinner twice the weekend he was visiting.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll keep doing budget posts because it's really for my own benefit than for interesting any readers, but feel free to let me know in the comments or via email if you like it/hate it! Whatev!


  1. I use Learnvest, and I never win. It's always red. Being an adult blows.

  2. Also totes agree on food being my entertainment.

  3. If you do continue doing them, I would love for you to participate in Budgeting Bloggers. It's a monthly link up for bloggers who try to stick to their budgets (sometimes succeeding, sometimes not haha). September's link up is here: http://franishh.blogspot.com/2012/09/september-budget.html

  4. I will check this out.. does it have more comprehensive categories than Mint??

  5. Just linked up! Thanks for the info