October 3, 2012

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I trekked to Abingdon, VA for my cousin's wedding. This was a big deal because he is the FIRST cousin to get married! I was very excited to see all my family and catch up with everyone. Abingdon is a really beautiful town, but not much to do :) It was also a pretty far journey (2 hour plane ride plus 3.5 hours driving) for really only 36 hours in the town. I had a "dress crisis" about 5 days before the wedding where I decided I hated everything I own and needed to get something new. I first tried looking at Rent the Runway but I narrowed it down to 2 dresses I loved and both were not available for the weekend. Somehow my mom agreed to buy me a dress so I went on Macys.com and found this BCBGeneration dress that looked promising. I decided I really like the look of one-shoulder dresses and will probably stick to this style from now on... all of my strapless dresses just seem so "bleh" to me now. Anyway, this is what I wore! (PS, sorry for the really creepy blurred out faces but my cousins and dad probably don't want me posting them on the internet - and I had a little champagne at the wedding and blurted out that I have this blog - so HELLO cousins if you are reading this!)
Heels: Corso Como
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: (not pictured, darn it!) Ann Taylor
Hair: bought the Conair Infiniti "You Curl" clipless curling iron and this is how it ended up


  1. One shouldered dresses are the best! They're always my go to. Just don't tell J.Sol. He'll never forgive you. :P He told me he'd kill me if I got married in a one shouldered dress....

  2. Love the look!!!!! That clutch & heels are the perfect match for the dress :) The hair looks amazing too :)

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  3. I finally steered away from strapless! I definitely like this style better, I could wear a semi-normal bra

  4. Elissa, I'm cracking up at the swirly heads. Gorgeous dress, and the coloring is perfect on you! Hope you had a great time with your fam, despite the stressful trip there and back. And I've always wanted to try out Rent the Runway - if you end up trying it, let me know what you think!

  5. How hard was it to get your hair like that? I've been pondering these clipless curling irons, and I like how yours looks.

  6. it was seriously so easy. the conair one was only like 25 bucks from K-mart. it goes up to 400 degrees which is hotter than the Chi I'm pretty sure (i think Chi goes to 380?). the best part was the curls lasted for 2 days and kind of fell a little and looked really nice the next day and day after. i would have kept them longer but i HAD to shower lol.