November 5, 2012

black and grey business formal

I thought I was meeting with a client today, so I opted for something other than jeans. But, when I called to confirm the appointment this morning, it turns out the client thought the meeting was tomorrow. Good thing these pants are super comfortable, because I just hate having to wear business attire when it isn't needed! Admittedly, this outfit would have been a perfect canvas to throw in some colors, but when deciding what jewelry to wear today, I decided I wanted to let these somewhat statement earrings speak for themselves. Maybe next time I'll wear some colors.. maybe.
(My dad actually was calling me as I took this picture - I was deciding whether to answer the phone or not haha)

I picked up these earrings from F21 this weekend. They have some great vintage-y/art deco-y style jewelry these days which I love. What I don't love is how the cheap metals irritate my ears. But! Fun fact that I learned from my allergy doctor after my recent hives experience - you can paint a few coats of clear nail polish over the studs of your earrings to prevent irritation! I'm going to have to find time to try this sometime soon, because I often forego wearing earrings because of the discomfort/irritation which usually lasts for days after I wear earrings that aren't gold or sterling silver. (My earring holes are currently bright red, and will probably scab overnight. Too much information? Sorry.)
Blazer: Loft (one of the best bargains ever: $4.88!) (similar)
Blouse: BCBG (cap sleeves altered into a sleeveless top) (similar)
Pants: Kohls circa 2006 (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Bag: Longchamp
Earrings: Forever 21


  1. nancy @ adore to adornNovember 8, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Comfy professional attire is a good thing! The pants look great! =)


  2. Yes! When you first started talking about the earrings, I thought about how I always admire them at F21 but never ever buy because I also have really sensitive ears. I can only wear my diamond studs or silver pearls without getting irritated so I have to stay boring with my ears. Luckily the rest of F21 jewelry doesn't bother me!

  3. Same - I'm surprised the rest of the jewelry doesnt bother me. I have some friends who will get a rash from the necklaces, but maybe I'm just slightly less allergic to the metals than they are. I really need to try painting the posts of the earrings soon! Let me know if you try it!

  4. That blazer is diiiivvviiiiinnneeeee. Holy crap I'm in love. I have a friend who's allergic to the nickel in the button on jeans, and she has to paint them with clear nail polish before she can wear them. It works! Go forth and paint, and bask in the glow of cheap jewelry with me ;)

    Samantha Sam ipsa loquitur

  5. This is a great formal business look, and loving how the earrings give a touch of femme and glam to the whole look!

    Alexandra xo