November 9, 2012

colorful friday

After wearing a lot of black and grey this week, I decided to try to have fun getting dressed this morning. I think most people would enjoy wearing jeans on Fridays, but with my generally casual wardrobe, I sometimes make "casual Friday" into "wear a skirt Friday" lol. I'm doing some subtle pattern mixing with the pinstripe blazer and animal print skirt, and I opted for a statement necklace in a turquoise color to almost match the intensity of the pool blue blouse I'm wearing below it. This might be my new favorite thing to do with necklaces - try to match them to my blouses. In non-outfit-related news, I was informed that my firm will be going forward with 2 murder trials in the next few months and I am SO EXCITED! I love this stuff, in case that wasn't obvious by the capital letters. I spent the day pouring over hundreds of pages of text messages. I feel kind of like I'm intruding when I read all the intimate details of people's lives, but it is so captivating! And plus, somebody's gotta do it.
Blazer: Theory (similar in navy)
Blouse: Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Amrita Singh (love this one by Kendra Scott)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Belt: Ann Taylor (similar)


  1. I love the pattern on your skirt!

  2. The necklace + shirt combo is wowzas. So exciting about the trials! Not about the actual, you know, someone died part (because I always feel guilty getting excited for trials, since if nothing bad ever happened we wouldn't need them) but the actual process is my fave. Get em girl!

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  3. The "someone died" part has to be the worst part of our jobs (because you're in prosecution, right?), and the "crimes being committed" parts too. But I have almost desensitized myself to the crimes and try to focus on the right to a defense instead

  4. Exactly. And if providing the right to a defense happens to be really fun, so be it. :)