December 8, 2012

The Liebster Award

The lovely Samantha from Sam Ipsa Loquitur chose me as one of the recipients of the Liebster Award! Thank you!
The Liebster award is given by a blogger to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Once nominated, you must post 11 facts about yourself, then answer the questions the nominator made for you. Next, you create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate. Then you choose 11 blogs to nominate, and be sure to link them to your post. Finally, go to their page and tell them. No tags back allowed!

11 Facts About Me
  • I love pickles, especially half-sour pickles.
  • I never ate eggs until I started dating my boyfriend and he forced me. I actually like them now (some styles).
  • I love my dog Wednesday like a daughter.
  • I was born in CT, moved to MD for college, and moved to FL for law school.
  • I think "ugly" dogs are the cutest - my parents have a Pekingese and a Japanese Chin and I have a French Bulldog. I'm also partial to Pugs.
  • I own more shoes than I can count.
  • My home decor aesthetic is definitely modern.
  • I was in a sorority in college, and it was every bit as stereotypical as you would think (and by far my favorite thing about college). 
  • When I was 18 I participated in an exchange program in Paris for a month before going to college.
  • I'm afraid of flying (this is a new development and I'm not happy about it because I fly semi-often). 
  • I am an excellent parallel parker, but I can't back into a spot for the life of me. 


  1. Why did you start blogging?
    • I started reading petite-centric blogs in December 2010 (I didn't know other fashion blogs existed at the time, lol) and started thinking about what I could contribute to the community. The ultimate push was when one of my best friends told me she was jealous of my wardrobe and I decided if one person liked my clothes maybe other people would too. 
  2. Link us up to one of your favorite outfit posts ever. 
    • This was hard because I like a lot of my outfits - there isn't ONE that stands out above all the rest. But this one is my "most pinned" outfit so I guess not only do I like it, but other people liked it too!
  1. If you could raid one celeb's closet, who would it be? 
    • I feel like this is the most generic answer but I guess Olivia Palermo. Girl's got a good closet. To be honest I don't follow celeb fashion that much.
  2. Who are your style icons?
    • Going off the last question, I don't follow celebrity fashion that much, so I don't really get style inspiration from anyone in particular. However, I've always wanted to have a dress/hairdo like Holly Golightly/Audrey Hepburn so I guess that's one. I get most of my style inspiration from other blogs, Pinterest, and subconsciously (like possibly from seeing people on the street and I don't realize).
  3. Where do you work, and what's the dress code?
    • I work at a law firm, I'm a lawyer. I have a pretty relaxed dress code where I wear jeans, heels or closed-toe flats, a blouse and a blazer most days, but when I go to court I wear a suit.
  4. Dog person or cat person?
    • Dogs definitely! I have a French Bulldog named Wednesday after Wednesday Addams.
  1. What's your star sign?
    • Capricorn - and I have a tattoo on my ankle of the symbol. I used to actually read my horoscope and care about it (hence the tattoo) but honestly I've regretted the tattoo for at least 3 years now. Time to consider laser removal!
  2. What's your favorite trend this year?
    • My favorite trend is the oxblood/burgundy trend of this fall/winter. I know it comes back every year but I think that's the beauty of it. It's not something like "harem pants" where there is a specific item of clothing that is on trend. When a color is trendy (like mint of the spring/summer) you can buy any item in that color that fits your lifestyle and make it work for you - whereas harem pants will just never work for me.
  3. You just won $5,000: shopping spree, vacation, or something else?
    • Ugh, if you had asked me this question 6 months ago when I was still in law school I'd say shopping spree! But now that I'm on my own and paying for my own life I'd say the 5k would be put away for future rent :( BORING!
  4. What's your favorite non-bloggy hobby?
    • I don't know if this is a hobby, but I love food. I really look forward to trying new restaurants and eating delicious things on the weekends. I just moved, too, so I'm looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood! 
  5. What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?
    • I don't think I'm qualified to give an answer to this! I've been blogging for a year and a half without much "success" - but that's also because I refuse to do a lot of things everyone tells you you have to do to get followers - like commenting on every single blog you come across with your link (I never leave my link - I just use "openID"), I often forget to join linkups because they require too much foresight haha, I don't use Twitter yet so I don't tweet at brands and other bloggers, I don't have a Facebook page, etc etc etc. But to get back to the point of the question - if you decide you want to start a blog, I think you should decide if you want your blog to be a fun hobby for yourself, or if you want to try to make money/get sponsors. There are two very different paths to follow. For me, I do this for myself, and as of right now I don't have time to make this into a money-making opportunity, but if you want it to be that, go and do some of the things above that I said I never do lol.
Ok - My apologies if you have more than 200 followers - it's hard to tell with RSS feeds and all the other platforms. I also don't follow that many blogs that have less than 200 followers - and some others that I would have tagged have already been tagged!
Easy Petite Looks

My Questions for the Nominees!
1. What is your favorite article of clothing/shoes/accessories in your entire closet?
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3. Upload a picture of your closet!
4. How did you get started blogging?
5. Where do you get your style inspiration?
6. What's the one type of clothing that you have the most of in your closet?
7. Biggest regret purchase?
8. How would you describe your aesthetic - whether its for your home, your style etc.?
9. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?
10. What do you do for a living?
11. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a blog? (This question is interesting, I'm stealing it!)

Thank you again Samantha! You know I'd tag you if you hadn't already tagged me!


  1. oh my GOD I'm 1000x more glad (gladder?) I tagged you because THAT PUPPY HOLY COW. What a little face! I've wanted a Frenchie since I was actually IN France and one followed us around all day. I wanted to take it home with me! She's a doll. That little pink harness slays me. :)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  2. I love that harness too - it's just a generic one from Petco. You'd be surprised how many people think she's a boy despite the neon-pink harness!

  3. oh thank you for tagging me! i have over 200 though......that puppy of yours is adorable!!!
    brooke @ what2wear,

  4. I love your puppy! My pup is my daughter too!