January 14, 2013

30 x 30 Day 10: White, Plaid, Tan

I have a serious obsession with plaid right now. I'll be honest and say that in my down time (i.e. when I'm not at work or going somewhere exciting) I throw on jeans and a shirt for quick errands despite jeans not being part of my 30 x 30 challenge. THIS is the shirt I always want to wear. I love that it can be worn casually with jeans, and it looks equally as good with suits. This shirt from H&M is a lightweight flannel so I don't feel ridiculous wearing it around in the Miami heat. A tiny rant: WHEN will H&M open up a US online store?!?! I had to get this shirt in CT over the holidays because there just aren't enough H&Ms near me in South Florida. Yes, they just opened up a H&M on South Beach and in Aventura mall, but neither of those is close to me, and the Aventura one doesn't seem to have all the "lines" that H&M carries. You'd think for a 2 story H&M they'd carry everything, but I didn't see the Logg line (the one that carries all the plaid shirts) on my most recent trip there. Disappointing. End rant. 
Blazer: Zara (almost exact at F21)
Shirt: H&M (similar)
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar w/o bow)
Shoes: Corso Como (similar)
Bag: TheIT
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar for $2!)
Bracelets: Timex & Forever 21


  1. so classy! I love your white blazer!


  2. The white blazer looks great with the colors in your plaid shirt! I'm with you on desperately wanting H&M to launch their online shopping already! The closest H&M to me is over an hour away, so sad! Although, it's probably better for my wallet that way.

  3. Agreed - at least since H&M is not close by I can save some money!

  4. Oh! Plaid! why don't I wear you more?