January 23, 2013

30 x 30 Day 16: Blush, Olive, Brown

I started a spreadsheet a la Sam Ipsa Loquitur to help me come up with outfit ideas. I realized when I put this outfit on that I already blogged something very similar a few months ago - but you know what, it's my 30 x 30 and I'll do what I want! I liked this outfit months ago and I like it again today. The only difference is the style of shirt and some of the accessories but the basics are the same: brown blazer, blush shirt, olive pants. I could also see the shirt being interchangeable with some of the others I have in my 30 x 30 - I don't think this would look bad with a cobalt shirt, a white shirt, even gingham, plaid, or green. Hmm, maybe I have even more outfit ideas than I originally thought!
Blazer: Ann Taylor (similar)
Blouse: Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes: Corso Como (similar)
Bag: B. Makowsky
Necklaces: Unknown & Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Belt: Forever 21 (similar)
pleated poppy


  1. Get it girl! Spreadsheet yo little heart out! This outfit is one of my favorites. Great for work, but all the textures make it so much more fun. Once again, nailed it.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  2. Love the peach and tweed! I wanted to get a tweed blazer this winter - maybe next year!

  3. Great color palette, and I love those heels!