February 3, 2013

30 x 30 Recap!

Here are the 30 outfits I put together with my 30 items (not in order because my cropping was off so I had to move around pictures). See this post for a list of the 30 items I used. 
I learned quite a few things about my closet (and what I have no use for) during the past month:
  • I only wore my leopard loafers once in the 30 outfits. I found that I reached for the other pair of flats by Miss Me almost 100% of the time. Even the outfit I wore with the loafers I think would have looked better with the other flats. I think it's time to donate them or find a cuter replacement...
  • I only wore my green blouse twice, and I had to force myself both times. I think I was a little over zealous in purchasing 5 different colors of the same blouse, but I think all of them will get use, just some more than others :)
  • I had to force myself to wear my grey boucle skirt. Maybe it's because it's not a pencil skirt (it's more of an A-line shape), maybe its the color grey (I like wearing golds and browns more than greys and silver)... I don't know. I just don't love it anymore.
  • My olive ankle pants have proven to be the most versatile item of the challenge - I wore then 6 times! No other item was worn that much (except my snake-print heels - I wore those 13 times!)
So, will I do this again? Absolutely! But give me a while to take a break and wear the rest of my closet :)


  1. Awesome post. A 30 x 30 seems so challenging, but you did a great job of keeping things fresh.

    Maybe I should attempt a 30 x 30, myself... :-)


  2. You did an amazing job with the 30x30! SO many classy, stylish looks!

    -Jenna Brianne

  3. You ROCKED this challenge. Seriously! For almost not doing it, you killed it. I am so in love with your outfits. I am a biiiiig old fan of your style ;)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa Loquitur

  4. Thanks so much for organizing it! I had a great time

  5. Woohoo, you did a fantastic job during this challenge. I loved seeing the different ways you styled your purple pants!

  6. Your 30 outfits turned out so awesome Elissa! I love that your style is so timeless :) And I'm really glad you said you'd do a 30 for 30 again after getting reacquainted with your closet - I feel the same way!

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns