February 16, 2013

Black Watch Plaid, Grey, & White

I'm wearing new freshwater pearl (possibly faux, don't care) stud earrings from Ebay. After a bit of self-reflection I realized that I like the way I look better in person and in pictures when I'm wearing earrings. Unfortunately, 90% of the earrings I own don't have sterling silver posts, so every time I wear them (brace yourself if you get grossed out easily) my ears bleed and then scab and I can't wear earrings again until they heal. I don't have a diagnosed metal allergy, but I think I can self-diagnose at this point lol. So, I'm trying to slowly build my earring collection with some earrings that at least have sterling silver posts so I don't have to be uncomfortable and bleed to look nice :) Next up, I'm thinking of buying some silver or gold knot earrings. However, before I buy any more earrings, I need to know  - are 18k gold plating or silver plating enough, or does the entire post need to be gold or silver not to inflame a metal allergy? Thanks if you know!
Shirt: J. Crew Perfect Shirt (sold out in this color, but here)
Vest: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)
Boots: Bakers (similar)
Bag: Longchamp
Earrings: Ebay
Necklaces: Nordstrom Rack & vintage


  1. You look awesome! I finally took the plunge and bought white jeans yesterday...gulp. After seeing you wear them so many ways I decided I definitely needed them!! As for the whole earring thing...my ears do the SAME THING :( I'm just way too cheap to buy nicer-quality earrings because I lose them so often. I'm thinking that the plating should be good enough not to cause irritation but I'm not 100% sure!

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Erika@stethosopes,style,graceFebruary 17, 2013 at 3:13 PM

    I have that blackwatch plaid shirt and I love it! It's so classy :)

    I unfortunately have the same metal allergy problem and I have had a reaction before to earrings that my husband gave me that were silver plated. I do best with sterling silver or gold earrings, although I can occasionally (not always) wear earrings that say "for sensitive ears." It's too bad, although I guess it's an excuse to wear good jewelry :)

  3. That vest is an adorable addition to the outfit! Love it!


  4. It could possibly be nuckel. try earring labeled nickle free. The same thing used to happen to me.

  5. I heart plaid in anyway shape or form. You look so cute. Love the layering.

  6. Hello gorgeous hair! You look amazing! I'm so jealous you can so easily wear white pants in winter...darn rainy Seattle!! Good luck finding earrings that work - I keep the same studs in all the time for basically the same reason...have found a pair that don't bother me, so I just stick with them!

  7. I love your layers - that plaid shirt is so cute with that vest! And your hair looks SO pretty :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  8. This is a fun outfit!
    Bummer about your ears!! :(

  9. Sounds like you have an allergy to Nickle.
    You can easily switch out hook posts on dangly earrings and if you have a pair of studs that you really love and can't bear to part with, paint the posts with GOOD clear nail polish.