February 19, 2013

Black & White

I'm linking up with MarionBerry Style for this month's Trend of the Month challenge, which happens to be "Black & White." Pairing black and white is definitely a classic combination, and I'm glad it's considered "trendy" this season. I tried to shop my closet for this challenge, and I'm excited about 2 necklaces I'm wearing that haven't seen the light of day in years. The longer faux onyx necklace is from some store in the mall about 5 years ago where everything was $2.99. The shorter onyx heart necklace is from Tiffany and has not gotten nearly enough wear since I received it for a birthday years ago. How are you wearing black and white this season?
Blouse: Old Navy
Pants: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Paprika via Marshalls (similar)
Necklaces: Tiffany (similar), random mall store, Forever 21
Bracelets: Brace URself, Forever 21 (similar), gift (similar, similar)
pleated poppy


  1. Both of those necklaces look stunning together! I'm usually pretty good at trying to find ways to shop my own closet and find an item I haven't worn in a while, but I'm AWFUL about jewelry. Forever 21 makes it too easy to pick up every gorgeous bracelet and necklace I ever come across, wear once or twice the month I get it, and then completely forget about it until months (or years) later. As I'm typing this, I'm remembering that I bought a necklace from F21 just threeweeks ago that is still sitting in the F21 bag, on my dresser, untouched. It's been two weeks. It's just a simple, silver necklace. Ha! I think that's a sign that you have too much jewelry if a new pretty piece can sit in a bag for 3 weeks, forgotten. I think I'm working out some personal problems here on your blog entry, so uh... I'll stop. LOL.

    And talk about how I love black and white as well! And I love the black leather jacket. My black leather jacket is from the days where everyone wanted a black leather bomber jacket (so like... 2009), but now I'd do anything for one that's like yours. Just can't get myself to spend money on a black leather jacket when I already have one, and I could be spending that money on more F21 jewelry...

    Ok, I'll stop. ;)

  2. Gorgeous look!! I love both necklaces!! Don't you love going through your things and finding things you almost forgot you had!! I get so excited to wear them again! :)

  3. I love it, don't stop haha! These make the best comments. It sucks because Forever 21 has a no return policy for jewelry, right? You're kind of stuck with it unless you sell it so you might as well take it out of the bag and wear it! I do fall into the trap of buying cheap jewelry from them allll the time though. I think you can get a faux leather jacket from somewhere like F21 for ~$40 or less (they really upped their prices I noticed but 40 is still okay-ish). Maybe you can find something on sale too!

  4. I recent reorganized my jewelry and found SO MANY things I'm excited about!

  5. You look amazing, as usual! Just constantly rubbing it in that you can wear white pants in winter... :)

  6. I like this Black and white things. Sounds like fun... Unless you shop at white house black market - Wouldn't that be cheating?

  7. LOVE your version of black and white! Especially since you did mainly white. Such a great look. And your hair is amazing! And you have lovely eyes :) xo

  8. Love the black and white - those pants are fabulous on you!


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