February 23, 2013

February Budget Recap

I'm linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers!
Wouldya look at that? I'm in the clear for my whole budget this month, and I blame it completely on my boyfriend moving to Chicago! Well, I can blame the low restaurant category for him being gone, because I don't have anyone to go to dinner with on the regular. As for clothes, I guess I didn't spend much because I've been trying to be more shrewd about my purchases and really only buy things I need or have been on my "want list" for a while. I only bought 2 clothing items for myself this month for a total of $24. I got a pair of pearl earrings off Ebay for about $5, and I got a pair of red skinny jeans from J. Crew during the recent 40% off plus free shipping sale. However, I just received the pants today and they are way too big. I'm a little peeved because I specifically tried them on in-store when they were full price with the anticipation of buying them when they went on sale, and obviously they fit well enough for me to feel comfortable to buy them on final sale online...but unfortunately the final sale pair were big. Anyway, if anyone wants to buy a pair of red Matchstick jeans from J. Crew in size 24 for the price I paid ($20) + shipping, I'd be glad to sell them to you. I did get a great price on them, so I'm even more sad they didn't work out. Email me at professionallypetite@gmail.com if you are interested, otherwise I'll be putting them on Ebay soon. 
In the "personal care" category, I purchased a 3-pack of the Monistat Chafing Gel off Amazon to act as a foundation primer. I'll update in the future with results once I actually try it. I didn't want to buy a 3-pack, but Amazon only had the 3-pack as a Prime shipping option, and since I get free Prime shipping I'll be damned if I have to pay for shipping! The rest of the $42 I spent on various nail supplies from Ulta - I got a new color of Red Carpet Manicure polish, a 4-sided nail file/buffer thing which I have no idea how to use, and some cotton balls. Now that I'm regularly doing my nails, I needed some essential supplies.

Since I have no exciting pictures to go with this post because I didn't really buy much, I thought I'd share my "want list" since it's really only been mapped out in my head up until this point.

  • Red jeans - I thought I could scratch this off my list with the J. Crew purchase but I'll have to keep looking
  • Breton striped top - I find myself wishing I had more simple patterned shirts to add interest to outfits but I just don't own any striped shirts except a tee shirt. I'm holding out for the perfect striped shirt, I'm not sure that this Ralph Lauren one is "the one." 
  • Utility Jacket - I love all my jackets in my closet, but I realized I have a ton of the same styles. I mostly have blazers and an absurd number of moto jackets (black, brown, tan, tan/white stripe, navy tweed, orange) but I think I need something like this utility jacket to add to my wardrobe as a lightweight casual option. Sometimes moto-jackets are just too edgy for the occasion, lol. I'm hoping the J. Crew jacket goes on sale, or J. Crew has a sale on full-priced items soon because I've now have a $50 gift card burning a hole in my pocket courtesy of winning Bri's giveaway! I was so excited when I found out I won because this specific jacket has been on my mind since I tried it on as a new arrival. 
  • Replacement gold curb chain bracelet - my etsy bracelets that I wear ALL the time broke and although I could probably fix them, I think there are enough cheap options on Ebay to not waste my time and poor DIY skills on this project
  • Classic black pumps - my black pumps that I wear to work all the time are starting to show serious signs of wear :( I love them and they are so comfortable but the snake-skin embossed material is starting to peel and become discolored. I generally have great luck with Ann Taylor shoes but I just think this particular material can't stand the test of time, which, by the way, has only been a year. 
Anyway, how'd you do on your budgets this month? Head on over to Franish to check out the other budgeting bloggers!


  1. Ugh, bummer about the pants. Maybe you lost some weight in between the last time you tried them on and now?

    let me know what shoes you end up buying. I'll start my search for the classic pump this summer so I'm interested to see what others get. I've heard great things about the AT pumps.

  2. It's possible I lost weight - I've been cooking for myself almost every day since my boyfriend left so I've probably been eating better. I'm probably going to buy the AT perfect pumps in regular leather but I'm excited to shop around at other brands too

  3. Hi Elissa! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now but haven't commented before now....so hello! I love your classic fashion and thought of you when I was browsing the Talbots website (I know most of their apparel is a bit "mature" for us 20-somethings but I have great luck with some of their petite pieces) - you may like their gold-tone curb chain bracelet: http://www.talbots.com/online/browse/product_details.jsp?id=prdi30216. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for the suggestion Helen! I do like the bracelet!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm the newest follower on yours! Love the black suite outfit! Excited for future posts!


  6. THIS JACKET, Gorgeous! And I love those heels.

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  7. I want that gold chain bracelet! I´ve overspent this month on jewelry and clothing because t´s still sale season in here but come March I hope it gets back to zero purchases especially on clothing. :)

  8. I love the pieces you got, especially that jacket!

  9. my matte black cole haan heels are amazing and have lasted really well, i've had them since 1L year. I have the really high heel, at 3.5 inches, but they have a super low one as I know you like the lower heels for work:


  10. those are reaaaaally low. maybe if they have something in between!

  11. they USED to. I think they stopped making that style. I can't even find my 3.5 inch one. I tried to see if i could find them for you.

  12. Fantastic job on your budget! I went way over your $24! And I think I need to add a pair of red jeans to my ever growing collection of colored skinnies. I love all the items on your wishlist.

  13. Bummer, the red jeans didn't work out :( I'm sure you'll find a really cute pair now that all the spring stuff is out!

    I use Mint for budgeting too - I'm obsessed. I tell everyone about how awesome it is!