February 21, 2013

mix & match

Had to go to court today and my grey pants were wrinkled and my black suit jacket needed a dry cleaning soooo I mixed and matched the two suits, and added a shirt with some texture and pattern to hopefully make it look like I tried and that it wasn't laundry day, lol. I also took a chance wearing these wedge shoes for the first time to court. I've worn them before under pants but have been hesitant to wear them with skirts because they aren't a typical low/modest heel. However, the other day I noticed a girl was wearing stilettos with a t-strap and ankle strap with spikes... andddd I'm pretty sure my shoes are 100% more tame than that, lol. 
Also, funny story.. So I'm standing in the hallway of the courthouse talking to some people and my boss out of nowhere goes, "Why are you so pale?" Lol. I mentioned before that I've been feeling really pale lately but I guess the cue to actually purchase some self tanner is when other people start to comment :)
Jacket: Theory Gabe B
Skirt: Theory Golda
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: David Yurman


  1. Those shoes are so cute!! You look super professional and classy!! Love the top with the skirt!! :)


  2. Seriously, I love those shoes. I feel like they're classic enough that no one old and stuffy bats and eye but cool enough that people who are looking are impressed.

  3. I've been feeling so pale lately....probably because I am. It's not like I ever see the sun here! :(

  4. That's an interesting feeling. What does feeling pale feel like? I think I may have gone through that moment before.

  5. I would describe it was feeling drab, not feeling confident about my looks, not feeling "radiant."

  6. Ugh you make me want a closet full of suits. Which I never thought I'd say. I love this outfit so much!