March 23, 2013

Saturday Shopping

I went shopping today with the intention of going to J. Crew to see if I could pick up the jacket on my wish list during the 25% off $150 or more promotion that's currently going on. I knew that my jacket was only $148, so I was hoping to find something in the sale section that was a good price and could get me over the $150 mark. My store had a lot of cute things on sale, but everything that I liked was a pant or skirt, and the regular sized bottoms (as opposed to petite sizes) just don't fit me right at J. Crew. I hate buying things that I'm not 100% in love with just to get a sale, but I ended up wandering the store for a while and found this gold and pearl necklace that I'm wearing below that I liked enough to buy and get me the promotion discount. I was also able to finally use my gift card that I won from Bri's giveaway! That certainly helped me feel better about this purchase :) See below for a simple outfit featuring my new J. Crew jacket and necklace, and some things I tried on around the mall that just didn't make the cut.
Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Miss Me Mooz
Necklaces: Barneys (similar) & J. Crew (similar)
Bracelet: unknown vintage
Bag: Longchamp

Other items I tried on at J. Crew:
I was very close to buying the Boy Shirt in Dots, but the price just wasn't good enough for me. I don't own ANY polka dots and I thought this was a cute shirt that I could wear both casually and to work. I hope I can get it on further sale.
I immediately spotted this Origami Sheath dress in navy, and the material was exactly what I am looking for in a navy suit. This is me wearing the 00... its way too big. Below is me holding back some of the material, I think the skirt looks better with my makeshift tailoring. If I can find this in 00P I'll definitely try it, but at $198 full price it's way too expensive right now.
This Daisy Lace Skirt was the only other thing that I really liked. It had a pretty good fit, but could be tighter in the waist. If they had this in petite sizing it would be perfect. It's a bit too short for work and a bit too long for what I wear casually so it didn't come home with me. Oh and it was too expensive at $98. Are you sensing a trend with my J. Crew items, lol?
LOFT was having a 40% off everything sale, so I decided to look around. However, this Piped Tweed Jacket was the only thing that stood out to me. I really liked the fit, but I already have too many shrunken blazers. Also, even with the 40% off I thought it was too expensive for what it felt like. It is a very thin material. It has texture but is not a typical tweed material. This was also $98 full price. 

I then went to Banana Republic. They were having 40% off all full-priced items (excluding the Mad Men collection), and an extra 30% off sale items. I found a bunch of cute things to try but there were problems with everything. 
The Carrie Printed Sheath Dress (left) is still full-price online but was marked down to $94 in store + 30% off. The pattern is cute, and the material is like a thicker jacquard. The hips in the dress were too wide/loose on me but the top fit well. However, the arm holes kind of go inward?? I can't explain this well - but basically if you wear a normal bra your straps will probably show because of how the top of the dress is cut. 
The Belted Ponte Sheath (right) is made out of a jersey type material and showed the outline of my bra too much. Also the yellow color made me look sickly. I don't remember the in-store price but online it is marked to $64-$89 depending on the color. 
The Black Lightweight Wool Pleat-Neck Dress (left) was the most promising of the bunch. It was marked to $109 in-store. It fit me really well at the top and the hips, and it was the kind of material that would work really well as a dress for work but also as a LBD for a dressier date night or wedding. The only problem was that the neckline reminds me of this dress that I already have, and I know how difficult it is to get out the wrinkles. The online reviews also mention the problems with the wrinkles in the neckline. 
Finally, I brought the Silk Pleat Front Blouse (right) in the periwinkle color into the dressing room, but when I saw how sheer it was, I didn't bother to try it on. You could always put a tank top underneath but I just don't want to deal with that. 
Did you go shopping this weekend? Score any great deals?


  1. oh god, I shouldn't read these kinds of posts when I'm not allowed to shop! I love that jacket and have been eyeing it up for months but I couldn't convince myself to purchase it. It looks so good on you so I'm excited for you!

  2. It feels so satisfying to finally buy something that I've been wanting for months! Maybe you'll be able to get it on sale - I know I'm saving my receipt just in case lol :)

  3. Great reviews! I actually *really* like the J Crew skirt and origami dress on you, but yeah. I feel like I constantly have the, "This-is-too-expensive-J-Crew-darn-you" feeling when I'm shopping there, especially with some of their thinner tees & sweaters and shorter skirts for summer. If it's well made, I'll splurge--but it seems like lately, that's been hit or miss too! So frustrating. :(

  4. Love your casual look. I totally am thinking about getting the loft blazer. Gorgeous.


  5. That blazer is gorgeous! Now, I want to go shopping! lol

  6. Love your outfit for the day! Love that origami dress...too bad its too big in a 00 (also, good to know someone else has that problem)!