April 1, 2013

March Budget Recap

I'm linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers! After spending nearly nothing last month I pushed my budget to the limit this month. I'm pretty excited because I crossed off a few items from my wish list and I think that made the purchases that much more satisfying.
As I posted a few days ago, I got the J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket on sale and have been wearing it non stop. I also got a pearl and gold chain necklace from J.crew which is pretty but I might return it because I don't need it.
I took a chance and bought Cole Haan Air Violet black pumps off eBay to replace my black pumps which are showing a lot of wear. I think I got a good deal at $53, considering brand new they cost about $200. They look like they were worn maybe once as the bottoms have minimal scuffs and the insides are pristine. I'm really excited because they seem like a manageable heel height, and they have the Nike Air technology so that should add to the comfort.
I also indulged in some costume jewelry off eBay. The necklaces below were each $.99! I also got a matching bracelet and earrings, all for $.99, for a total of $4.
I bought the Engineered Stripe Tee on sale from Banana Republic for $15. The material feels higher quality than I'm used to for t-shirts, I like that it's long sleeved instead of 3/4 sleeved, and the sleeves hit me exactly where I like them. I also like that it's got a bit of a looser fit for a more casual look.
The silver bead bracelet below is also from eBay and was $3. It's a bit big for me, but I think it will nicely compliment my Tiffany necklace that I bought it to match.
One of my favorite things I bought was put into my shopping cart as a filler. I got this Open Knit Sweater from Old Navy for $20. Even though it's like 80 degrees most of the winter in Miami, I found myself wishing I had more sweaters this year. I think this one is perfect because it is perforated - really, how is a perforated sweater appropriate anywhere else than in hot weather, lol? Plus it is soooo soft. I actually tried it on last for this post and am still wearing it as I type because it feels like pajamas :)
I got a gold chain bracelet from eBay to replace my Etsy one that fell apart. It was $6.50, my most expensive eBay jewelry item of the month. The bracelet looks really great, it seems like the same links as my one from Etsy (except a fraction of the price) and the gold hardware actually looks better than the Etsy bracelet, in my opinion. The only thing was it was way too big for my wrist and kept falling off, so I just got a pair of pliers and removed about 3-4 links and now it's perfect.

And finally, for something I bought but plan to return, I added these two Old Navy linen shirts to my cart because I liked the colors and thought I could wear them to work under blazers and on the weekend for a casual but nice shirt. I thought about keeping them because they were only ~$11, but the fit isn't that great, the material shows wrinkles really badly, and the fabric is kind of see through. I think I can find a more silky, satiny, or even polyester material that I like better.
Grand total for the month:
J. Crew: $148 (jacket) + $25 (necklace) - 25% off - $50 gift card from Bri = $79.75
Old Navy: $20 (sweater) (not keeping the 2 linen blouses for $22)
Banana Republic: $15 (stripe shirt)
Ebay: Clover items $4, silver bead bracelet $3, gold chain bracelet $6.50, Cole Haan pumps $53 = $66.50
TOTAL: $181.25 out of $200 (I didn't include tax because I'm lazy, but my total is probably around $200 this month)
How'd you do with your budget this month?


  1. Great jacket and those necklaces are really pretty!

  2. Ugh, you did so great this month. That jacket is of course amazing - you'll wear it for years and years! I love that striped top so much that I'm ordering some right now. I'm trying the blue and the taupe version! thank you for the recommendation :)

  3. March was an AWFUL month for my wallet :( when I'm at school I don't really have a budget, but I fully plan on making one (and sticking to it!) when I get home for the summer at the beginning of May. I love all the things you bought, but my favorite is definitely that jacket! so classic.

    -Jenna Brianne

  4. thanks so much! the jacket is my favorite also :) but I'm really happy with a lot of things this month

  5. you did great too! you should do a post on how to sell stuff on ebay, it seems so time consuming to me but then again i'd rather have an extra $100 a month in my pocket like you to spend on stuff i actually like so maybe it's worth it!

  6. I love the J.Crew jacket! And what a good deal that you were able to get it for 25% off and a gift card (darn you for winning, I wanted it, lol!) And ebay is so fun to scour for dirt cheap jewelery. I love the chain link bracelet!

  7. Thank you alot, Only via your blog i konow such a cute bracelet and Necklace. Love your style of jewelery