June 26, 2013

June Budget Recap

I'm linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers! I did not stick to my budget this month. But I got a lot of really great stuff so..... it evens out? Ah, the justifications of a shopaholic. Here's where my budget went this month:
Forever 21
Victoria's Secret (Semi Annual Sale)
Very Sexy Twist Bandeau top: $14 (navy) + $29 (sea foam)
Not pictured: a crap ton of underwear + bras: $89
(fun fact - I used to work at VS in college. good times)
Express Sale
Studded Portofino Shirt: $17.99 (returned)
not pictured: brown blouse - $11.99
Sahara shoes - Valentino Rockstud look-a-likes: $30 after discounts
(note: I decided to return both leather jackets from this post)

Alterations costs:
Theory dress & pants (pants not pictured): $40
Dress is lined; sides slimmed and skirt tapered in to a more pencil shape. Pants hemmed
Dress is lined; tweed material, sides slimmed
Shoe repair (not pictured)
Cole Haan shoes that my dog ate - leather completely replaced on both heels to match, shoes repainted black to match the 2 different leathers, heel covers/caps replaced - $45. 
Ann Taylor kitten heels that were looking terrible - $10 to paint, add new heel covers/caps (what are these called??) and glue down leather on the heel that had started to peel off.

So, how'd I do with my budget this month?
Forever 21: $54.40
Victoria's Secret: $145 (ouch)
Express: $30 ($12 after returning 1 shirt)
Shoedazzle: $30
Alterations: $65
Shoe repair: $55
TOTAL: $350 ($332 after returning 1 shirt)
I give myself $200 a month to spend, so I did pretty poorly this month. However, a lot of the items were necessities - I had to get my 2 pairs of black pumps repaired. I mean, how can I not have black pumps to wear to work?? I had to get the 3 items tailored because otherwise they were just sitting in my closet taking up space. And I had to get new underwear (I pretty much stock up at the VS semi annual sale every summer). The "fun" purchases at F21, Express, and Shoedazzle I could have done without, I'll admit it. But I'm happy with everything and I can see myself getting good use out of these trendy items. As a sidenote - can you imagine how bad my budget would be thrown if I had kept the leather jackets?!?! Good thing I grew some sense and decided to return them this weekend at the mall! I might even return one or both of the Express shirts - I'm feeling super guilty about being $150 over budget. 

How did you do with your budget this month?

And as a little extra...

I'm Expecting in the Mail...
Foreign Film Dress in Red and Ivory - from Lulus.com ($35 each. Less with coupons)
I actually have the white one in my possession right now, but I have to return it because it has a weird stain on the front. I called customer service to complain and they gave me a $15 store credit, but the dress was out of stock so I was upset. 2 days later the dress is back in stock so I jumped and bought it because it fits really well (very sexy, but still covers a lot of skin with the sleeves) and decided at the last minute to get the red one too - I'd love a red dress! I'm going to wear the white one to Sensation in Miami this year. It has great reviews online. People with smaller busts will find that there is some extra fabric around the bust area, but I found I could just take the opportunity to wear my biggest push up bra and it helped fill out that area better, lol. FYI the fabric is thick. Of course wearing black underwear showed through on the white, but nude did not, which is awesome. 
(use code Sparkle10 for 10% off your first order)
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(free shipping when you spend over $50)


  1. Out of curiosity, are you familiar with having pencil skirts tailored? Is it an easy process? I have a few that are about 1/2 size too big, but don't want to have them taken in if they'll wind up looking goofy. Thoughts?

  2. It depends. What do you need to have done to the skirt? I've had a pencil skirt taken in a the waist when the hips fit me well already. In that instance, it's easier for the tailor to take in a skirt at the waist when the zipper is located at the back center, as opposed to at your side. If it's big in both the waist and the hips, you can have the tailor just slim the sides of the skirt - this will make it fit better all around, and it should sit at your waist. This is also easier if the zipper is in the back center. It's not impossible for a tailor to take in a skirt with a side zipper, but they might have to take out the zipper and put it back in which would cost more money

  3. I bet you look hot in thaaaat. and at least one red dress is necessity! They say it's the sexiest color you can wear.

  4. I think considering you included all of your alterations and underwear that you did pretty well, probably even under budget! I don't think those count ;) ok ok maybe they do but it's hard to include them!

  5. SydneysFashionDiary.comJune 29, 2013 at 10:39 PM

    I really love the AT dress on you. The color is gorgeous. I did spend more than usual on shopping this month but mostly for my upcoming vacation. Will do a recap post next week. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the Foreign Film Dress! Do you have a modeling pic? I am intrigued! :)

  7. I don't yet! I haven't had an occasion to wear them yet. It's very form fitting, some extra room in the bust, and the sleeves hit right at my wrists and I'm 5'3". When I get around to taking pics I'll def post them though!