June 13, 2013

Neutral Stripes & Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Inserts

I haven't had the opportunity until now to share that I'm a BzzAgent and sometimes receive products for free to try out and review. Until now, all of the products have been household items which don't bear much relevance to this blog. However, I recently received a pair of the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Inserts and I immediately knew this was a perfect review to share with you guys.

Here's some info about the inserts:

Dr. Scholl’s® For Her is the first full line of foot care products designed specifically with women’s needs in mind. Whether it’s insoles for heels and flats, or anti-friction products to help prevent shoe rubbing and blisters, the entire collection enables you to enjoy the things you want to do – not just the things you need to do – by enhancing foot comfort.

  • Unique design is clinically proven to help prevent pain from high heels 2” and up
  • Ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot
  • Immediate and long-lasting comfort guaranteed, or your money back
  • Practically invisible, even in strappy heels
  • Slim design won’t make shoes feel tight
  • Insoles stay firmly in place, and are easily removable without damaging shoes
  • Made to fit women’s sizes 6–10, including all open-style shoes
  •  So, how do they really measure up?

    The inserts are plastic and are fairly thin. They are supposed to be thin enough that they won't change the fit of your shoe, but these shoes were slightly big when I bought them and fit tighter and better with the inserts. They are thin and narrow enough that they could fit into any style shoe (including sandals) and not be visible. The plastic/rubber design is also beneficial because they can be moved from shoe to shoe. The bottoms are tacky enough that once you put the insert down it's not going to slide around, but it's not sticky so they can be moved and changed around without ruining the inside of the shoe.
    I chose some of my higher and more uncomfortable heels (~4") to really test the inserts and determine comfort. The inserts are made for women with size 6-10 feet. I understand wanting to make one product that fits the most amount of shoe sizes, but I personally felt these could have been longer, or come in more size options. As you can see in this photo, I placed the heel of the insert all the way at the back of my shoe, however, the toe of the insert was several inches away from the front of my shoe. I have size 6.5-7 feet so anyone larger than me wouldn't get much benefit from the ribbed toe portion of the insert. 
    This photo was my attempt to show that the inserts have large arches built into them. The description of the inserts says that the purpose of wearing these is to help shift the weight from the balls of your feet to more evenly distribute the weight across your foot. The arches help to do that. I found the first few minutes of wearing the inserts uncomfortable because I was very "aware" of the arch support. However, I think my initial discomfort was only because I'm not used to having real arch support outside of my running sneakers. I got over the "weird" feeling fairly quickly, however. A random note - the plastic + walking = noticeable "squeaking" throughout the day as I walked down the hallway. Edited because after wearing them a 2nd day I didn't notice the squeaking. It might have just been a one-time thing. 
    After 12 hours of wearing these shoes, I can say I was impressed by the inserts. My feet and arches felt supported like they have only felt in sneakers. I wouldn't say the inserts transformed the heels from slightly uncomfortable to amazingly comfortable, but I definitely noticed a difference. I didn't feel the need to take off my heels at my desk all day, and I lasted an incredibly long day at work without being "aware" of any pain or discomfort in my feet. The inserts are priced from around $7.99 to $11.99 around the internet, with Walmart online having the lowest prices that I've seen. I wouldn't pay $12 for these inserts for every pair of shoes I own but I'd pay it once to have something to switch between shoes.  What has your experience been with Dr. Scholl's inserts? Have you tried another brand of inserts before?
    Blazer: Theory
    Dress: Ann Taylor
    Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
    Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)


    1. First of all, love the stripes. I would never have thought of wearing a pinstriped jacket with another stripe. I know, it is supposed to be a neutral; but I have always treated it as a pattern, and I am a one pattern at a time kind of person. Looks great. Now you have me wondering what I can do that with.

      Great timing on the shoe inserts. I have just been wondering (as in this week wondering) if some of my fit problems might be solved with such things. I tried them 30 years ago or so and didn't like them, but every now and then I have to stop and consider the possibility that something in the world might have changed in 2 or 3 decades. Sigh. I am wearing my highest heels today (3"), and I stopped at the CVS on the corner this morning and cut open the package with my coffee. I put the left one in, and left the right one out -- comparative testing.

      I'm interested in three things: 1. shifting weight off the ball of the foot; 2. solving fit issues that may be caused by my foot being too thin from the sole to the top, so they sit too deep in the shoe; and 3. arch support.

      My first thought was that the arch support wouldn't be enough. I now think it is too much. It does seem to be shifting my weight nicely, and does make a significant difference in comfort. The fit issue can't really be addressed with these shoes, because they are a strappy sandal.

      I've been tied to my chair most of the day, but the arch support is a little too high or just a little too firm. It almost hurts. Other than that I really like them, though. I just groped the right insert which is sitting on my keyboard tray, and the arch support is really quite squishy. So, it must just be a little too big.

      I am looking forward to trying them in a closed shoe that is a bit slippy. Then, I think I will have to research a brand with a little less arch.

    2. Oh, I should have mentioned that I don't have squeaky problems with them. That is probably because I almost always wear some kind of stocking. I'm old.

    3. I'm wearing the inserts again today and I haven't had any squeaking either - maybe it was just that day

    4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who really noticed the arches. I do think they are helping my feet but I'm very aware of the arches all day. I'll probably get over it after I wear these more often

    5. Love the shoes! The outfit is nice!

    6. Good to know! I'm always wondering if those help or not, so I'll have to give them a try for some of my more uncomfortable shoes!

    7. First off, I absolutely adore your dress! Secondly, I've never tried those inserts! But thanks for the review - I think I need to give them a try! xo

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