June 30, 2013

Weekend Shopping Fail

Today I was laying in bed thinking about what I wanted for lunch when I realized that a Chipotle opened up really close to me. After eating there, I stopped into Ross across the street for the heck of it.  I've actually never bought clothes from Ross because the ones near me in Miami seem to sell weirdly cheap stuff, not near the quality of TJ Maxx or Marshalls stuff. I'm sure other people around the country (and in different parts of Florida) fare better at Ross. Anyway, here are some things I tried on for the fun of it and didn't buy.
Left: Michael Michael Kors blouse - $29.99 (this is the only time I've seen anything semi-designer at the Ross near me. It's too bad it was big because it seemed like decent quality)
Right: Juniors blouse with a bow in the back - $9.99 (I would have purchased but for the odd pattern - various vintage ladies walking small dogs? Random). 
Left: Tahari Arthur S. Levine suit set in 0P - $49.99 (I tried this on because it's the only 0P I've seen in this brand, and wanted to try it on for size. It ended up fitting OK actually. The skirt would need to be slimmed but the top fit pretty well. The fit didn't save this horrendous style of suit though. You can tell from my face how I felt about it. BTW, this is the perfect example of what the Ross near me sells. WHO BUYS THIS STUFF?)
Right: My shopping and Chipotle outfit. Wearing Forever 21 Lace Top, Forever 21 shorts, 2 ebay clover necklaces, and Madden Girl sandals. 
Have you ever found any great finds at Ross? I recently picked up a Tibi blazer from the TJ Maxx near me, but am debating whether to return it because it's a little "out there" and not very classic for a suit jacket. 


  1. The only thing less appealing than the inventory at the Ross near me is the store itself

  2. The one near me is always pretty dirty. Wouldn't want to touch my skin to the floor there, lol

  3. Ross can't compare with TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The Ross near me is very low quality. I swear they don't have a real-leather handbag in the whole place.

  4. That is one of the most stressful stores ever. Shopping at Ross is not unlike shopping at some sort of foreign market place, loud, crowded, chaotic, bunch of weird stuff you find somewhat interesting but can't actually think of a real explanation for....ugh. No thank you.

  5. lol, I think you're right about the handbags :)