July 21, 2013

#ASOSPenthouse Miami at the Soho Beach House

This weekend has been full of fun and new opportunities for me. I was invited to the ASOS Penthouse party in Miami on Saturday at the Soho Beach House on Miami Beach. ASOS is one of my favorite online retailers so I was really excited to go to this party. It was definitely a swanky and cool place to be. However, I will say I expected more given the name behind the party. Given that there were free drinks at the Raleigh on Friday night I thought there'd be free drinks at the ASOS event too (there were, but only for designated VIP people. Don't know how they made the designation). There was some free stuff to be had, but the people in charge didn't seem to be too good about giving it out. There was a machine out front where you could tweet at the vending machine and it would dispense a bathing suit. My friend and I were like 6th in line to get into the party (we got there early) but the PR girl at the front I guess was in a bad mood because the party was starting late (it was supposed to start at 4 but I don't think we went inside until around 4:30) so she forbade anyone from tweeting at the machine because the line was being held up and forced us to go upstairs to the party and said that we could do it later. Yea, well, when we went out later the machine was empty, lol. I can only imagine if the hardest day at my job was when a party doesn't start on time. 
I started with the bad things but - the good things! The Soho House is a members only place so it was an honor to be inside and be a guest! We were surrounded by beautiful, cool, and well-dressed people. It made for great people watching. We loved pointing out all the designer items we saw and complimenting (and sometimes critiquing) people's outfit choices. The view was fantastic - we had a great spot on a couch facing the ocean. It wasn't too hot despite being outside because the breeze up high was great. There was free Perrier water in several flavors (I tried the lime and pink grapefruit - loved them!). There was a DJ spinning the entire time. Played a lot of cool kinda groovin electronic music. Don't know the proper terminology but it's not house, it wasn't anything to pump your fists to, it's kinda funky sounding. I hear it a lot whenever I go to Spazio Nero in Brickell. I stole the pic above off Twitter. I think it's a good representation of what the party looked like. There were reserved cabanas behind the couch where people were lounging around. There was a bar to the right of the screen. My friend and I are sitting on the couch there! After we left there was some live entertainment but we were too hungry to stick around til the end. 
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You've already seen variations of this outfit before. I knew I had to wear shorts because it was going to be outside and hot and I decided on the leopard ones because they evoke "Miami" to me. 
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Bag (not pictured): B. Makowsky
Watch & bracelet (behind my friend's back): Michael Kors & Ebay
I had a great time at the event and hope I have the opportunity to do similar things in the future. I realized there must be people who do this kind of stuff every weekend so now I want to meet those people and be friends with them! Miami has so much to offer in terms of fashion, style, and parties and I'm only just beginning to experience them after 4 years living here. 

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  1. I'm glad you got invited, but a shame the party didn't get off to the best start! Sounds like it would have been a nice relaxing place to be though :)