July 28, 2013

July Budget Recap

I'm linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers! After not doing that great last month, I stayed more on track this month (although still slightly over budget) despite Ann Taylor's mega sale (extra 60% off sale, plus an extra 10% off for the semi annual sale). Here's what I bought:

1) Ann Taylor Paisley Border Shift Dress - $36
I already talked about my reasons for keeping the dress here.
2) Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps - $43 (returned because I didn't take them out of the box in over 4 weeks!)
The Perfect Pumps from AT are some of the most comfortable shoes I own, as with all their shoes, really. I didn't really need another pair of black pumps, but I don't have patent ones and the price was too good for these workhorse shoes not to buy them.  (FYI, it appears Ann Taylor has changed the style of their perfect pumps to have a slightly thicker heel, so I anticipate they are phasing out all the old ones and you can probably get them on sale until they are all sold out!)

3) Ann Taylor Dashing Dots Tunic - $23
LOVE THIS TOP! I can't say enough good things. I love it, the end.

4) Ann Taylor Chain Mesh and Bar Necklace - $11
It's simple, it's pretty, it's a good replacement for my other dainty gold necklace which broke, and it was cheap.

5) Ann Taylor Cutout Back Crepe Top (2 colors) - $18 each
Love these tops too. Business in the front, party in the back! I've worn them casually and to work already. Love that the high neckline in the front is perfect to show off necklaces. The material is easy to iron - wrinkles just melt away.
6) Ann Taylor Twist Wrap Jersey Dress - $29
I decided to keep the dress when the mega sale hit. The original sale price of $45 was a bit too much for me, but you can't beat the $29 price. I love the turquoise color and the fit. The only worry I have is the rayon material, which I just found out is prone to pilling, according to one of Jean's recent posts. No pilling problems yet, though!
7) Lulu's Dresses - $51 (for 2)
8) Rebecca Minkoff "MAC Daddy" (different color) (from TJ Maxx) - $99 - gift card = $10

TOTAL: $231 $188 (adjusted after return of shoes)
I'm a little over budget this month. If I don't wear the patent pumps in the next week or so I'm going to return them (or if you want to buy (they are size 7) them I'll ship them to you - $43 plus shipping - just email me). I think I had sale goggles on when I bought them (don't need a pair of black pumps but then again I'll definitely use them if I ever get around to taking them out of the box). Did you stick to your budget this month? Did you pick up anything great?!


  1. Banana Republic Outlet got me. Khaki suit with skirt and fabulously fitting slacks. Then, repeat in black. Plus two wrap front tops. Easily three seasons worth of wear for each suit. $210 for the lot of it, but I already had the black jacket. I will wear all the pieces separately. Wore the black skirt to church this morning. Can't complain.

  2. You made out so well! One of my favorite suits is from the BR Outlet!

  3. You may have been a little over budget, but you got a ton of great, high-quality stuff for that price! I am in love with that blouse!


  4. You are pretty good at sticking close to your budget. I blew mine out of the water at BR, J.Crew and The Limited, more double what I try to stick to. But, I was also starting a new job and felt like I needed new, dressier office clothes at my newer, bigger office. Or, at least, that's what I told myself. To my credit, I did stretch my money pretty far. I ended up with three pairs of slacks, two dresses, five tops, two sweaters, and a pair of shoes for my $250 expenditure. ($150 over budget. Ouch)

  5. I love all of these pieces! And that paisley dress? Seriously the prettiest thing ever.

  6. Oooh love that RM! I really should enforce a budget on myself, I am very good some months but others (especially when there are sales.....) I go a little crazy!

    Away From Blue

  7. Wow I am in LOVE with all of your buys! That bag is beautiful and love the dresses you got from Lulu's!

  8. You always find the most beautiful things! I am loving the crepe tops from Ann Taylor - I feel like they will be so versatile for work and also easily wearable for the weekend!