July 20, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Swim 2014: Dolores Cortes

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Dolores Cortes show at the Raleigh Hotel last night to preview her 2014 swimwear line. First of all, here's what I decided to wear:
professionally petite, lawyer fashion blog, coral lace dress, snake print pumps, amrita singh necklace, michael kore tortoise watch
Dress: ASOS (similar)
Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar)
Bracelet: Ebay (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: B. Makowsky
Shoes: Corso Como (similar)

First off, I'm so happy I wore a semi loose fitting dress because it was WAY hotter than I thought it would be. I never sweat walking from my car to the office but standing outside for a few hours really got to me, haha. I noticed that you could really wear whatever you wanted. One thing for sure, whether you went casual or dressy, everyone was dressed so well. Even the people in t-shirts and shorts had some style to them, you know? It felt great being around so many stylish and cool people. You might also notice I'm a bit tanner in these pictures than in the past...well, I used the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion on my legs and arms. I used the darkest color, by the way. I also used a darker foundation than usual on my face and neck to (hopefully) make the transition from my face to extremities less obvious. I was a bit worried that people could tell the tan was super fake (and I became more worried from about 7:30-8:00 PM when I started to sweat) but no one said anything (F them if they did!) and it got dark enough out around 8 that I don't think anyone could tell anyway! Anyway, on to the show.

The theme of the show, "Jungle Punk," was consistent throughout. It took me a bit to get my camera at the right setting to take good pictures, so I missed a bunch from the beginning. I put in a Youtube video of the show at the end so you can see the whole collection. There were a lot of unique and detailed pieces from the collection. Check out some of my favorites below!
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
Unlike my own preference for 2-pieces at the beach, I was drawn to mostly 1-pieces in this show. 
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
This one had sexy mesh panels on the sides. The bathing suit before this had mesh panels across the chest, lol.
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
I loved the jagged edges of this suit.
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
There were a few really pretty skirt/bikini combos. I'd definitely wear this skirt as a coverup at the beach. The green is so pretty and vibrant.
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
The last 3 suits were my favorite from the show. The floral/feather-like 3-D details were so gorgeous. 
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
If I wasn't worried about tan lines, I would buy this in a second. So in love with this suit.
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
 This was the "finale" suit. The spikes are definitely not practical for the beach, but I still loved it. One of my favorites.
dolores cortes, swim week 2014
Here's the Youtube video if you want to watch the whole show!
Thank you to Feinberg PR and Dolores Cortes for thinking of me! I had a great time and I hope more shows are in my future!


  1. beautiful detailed swimsuits! :)

    Really like the lace dress you wore too :)