July 14, 2013

Moroccan Style Home from Bravo's "Property Envy"

Other than fashion, one of my other passions is interior design. I love dreaming about my future home, reading design blogs, and watching House Hunters and other HGTV renovation/home buying shows. A recent favorite show of mine is "Property Envy" on Bravo, which I just discovered today and watched a few episodes. The episodes I watched today featured one of the most beautifully styled/decorated homes I've ever seen, and I wanted to share it here.
This is an indoor/outdoor foyer with a retractable glass ceiling. The entire home is covered in moroccan details like you see on the divider between the first and second floors. 
This is a large living area inside the home - look at the cut out shapes in the ceiling! I love the black ceiling itself but the cut out sky lights are so fantastic. 
This is another living area inside the home. I loved this picture because it showcases the gorgeous black and white marble floor, and the moroccan style window details. 
I believe this is the master bedroom, but all the bedrooms in the house have this beautiful detailing behind the beds. It's like a headboard, but it's the entire wall! Ugh, I die. 

The problem I'm running into is that I can't pinpoint my interior design style - I love so many different things. Sometimes I think when I finally have a house I'll do a different style for every room to have a little taste of everything, but then I see entire houses decorated in one style and I think how great that looks, too. The good thing is I anticipate I have many, many years to go before owning my own home so I have a long time to plan and dream :)

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