July 29, 2013

New Favorite: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Daddy Bag

I went to TJ Maxx a few weekends ago to find pet waste bags (TMI?) and I came across this Rebecca Minkoff "MAC Daddy" bag on clearance for $99. It's been a while since I scored something great at TJ Maxx, but whenever I do, it reminds me of what a great store it can be. I certainly don't need yet another bag, but I loved this one's larger size, the black hardware was something a bit different, and I loved the neutral tan color. It definitely goes with a lot of my clothes. I had a store credit left over from another returned purchase a while ago so I decided to use it on this bag - it only "cost" me $10 after the gift card! Here's how I wore it this weekend to run some errands, and below that how I wore it last weekend to wear to work. (Yes, work on the weekend. The life of a young lawyer, lol.)
Shirt: Express (similar idea w/ black trim)
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Clover Earrings: Ebay (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Jeans: A&F
Shoes: Target (similar)
Bag: RM "MAC Daddy" (same bag, different color)
Sweater: Old Navy (similar)
Jorts (I decided to donate these after these pics were taken, lol): A&F (similar)
Shoes: Madden Girl (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: RM "MAC Daddy" (same bag, different color)
And a fun beauty tidbit: I got acrylics put on and after a week the polish had noticeably chipped. I was thinking about tearing them off "early" (they are supposed to last 2 weeks) when I Googled whether it was possible to put gel polish on top of acrylics - IT IS! So I took off the polish and re-did the acrylic nails with my at-home gel polish that I have. They look so much shinier and now they'll definitely stay at least a week (if not more) before I go back to the salon for a fill (or maybe I'll just do my nails at home again!). Apparently this is something you can ask for if you go to the salon - you can ask for a gel top coat over your acrylic nails and it makes the polish last the full 2 weeks with no chipping. Worth it!
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  1. Love that MAC daddy on you! It seems like such a nice size, could definitely hold a lot! :)

    Glad you got your nails sorted too! I am always chipping my polish :P

  2. Oh my gosh, that's a great score! I'm not one of the lucky ones at TJ Max, but maybe I'll give it another try sometime and see if I can score something amazing. I'd be thrilled to find something like this! WOW!! Enjoy:)

  3. Whoa, I didn't know there was a jumbo size MAC - cool! Great find!