August 21, 2013

Banana Republic Sloan Ankle Pants Review & Outfit

A few weeks ago, Elle posted that Banana Republic was having a 40% off everything sale which was stackable with individual 25% off coupons for new email subscribers. I already was an email subscriber but was not above registering my blog email to get the extra % off, as I had been waiting for a good sale like this to buy another pair of Sloan pants. I wear my khaki pair from last year pretty often - see them here and here. Unfortunately, there were no 00P in the colors I was hoping to try, specifically black and the Porch Green color below. I ended up ordering 00R, 0R and 0P to try. All were "meh". I was hoping the regular sizes would add some length, and they did, but they weren't ankle pants anymore which defeated the purpose. When I went into the store to return my package, I saw the green in 00P and had to try them on. They were the best fit of the bunch. The manager even said she would adjust the price to match the online price I paid (about $40) but "just this once" - yea.. ok we'll see about that, lol. Anyway, I didn't have a chance to wear the pants to work yet but I did wear them on Saturday to brunch at a sort of hidden place called Peacock Garden Cafe in Coconut Grove. I probably could have worn this to work with a jacket and heels though...on a non-court day :) 
Top: Loft (on final sale)
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar)
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Ebay (similar)
Bag: B. Makowsky
I like that they sit pretty flat from the front. Some extra material in the rear but unfortunately I'm going to have that problem with most pants as I have nothing back there. They fit me pretty sung across the thighs and hips but were loose from the knee down. 
The pants are labeled BR's "sexiest fit" which doesn't really go along with office attire. However, I think the thicker material, the loose fit from the knee down, and the fact that I would wear these with a blazer which covers most of my butt makes them office appropriate. Also the darker color as opposed to a bright red or something. 
PS - I followed THIS tutorial to do my hair. I think hers looks way better... but I'm trying new things instead of the same old boring straight or curled hair so at least there's that!
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  1. Love the colour of those pants with the printed top! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. The Sloan looks terrific on you!!

  3. Love the colour of these! The Sloan pants looked terrible on me when I tried them on... I am between sizes in BR so none of their pants ever fit me. Love your hair here too, so cute!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. The fit really is good, I love the color; and I agree that the length is ok for an office day with a blazer. Although, you shouldn't go any shorter. My objection to them for office attire is that they don't quite cover the ankle tat. I realize that everyone under 30 has a tattoo (at least one), and the rules are changing. Now, everyone at the Courthouse with a tattoo isn't automatically assumed to be a defendant; but when Grandma is paying her Grandson's legal bills, she is probably less accepting even than I am. So, I think I would be careful about visible tats around middle-aged lawyers, Judges and clients (or at least their older family members).

  5. I love the way these fit on you and will definitely check them out the next time I'm near a BR ( my new mall doesn't have one! :( )

  6. I think this is a casual office outfit for non-client days. E. almost always wears a suit when she has clients. and it's kind of whatever. You're only serving to make her more self-conscious of something she can't do anything about. Not constructive.

  7. These pants look great on you..!!!

  8. It is constructive if it makes a lurking would be lawyer think twice about getting one.

  9. Those are some great-fitting pants on you! Girl, I wish I had your legs!

  10. I appreciate your comment. I do want to say for the record and FYI that I got it when I was 16 and hadn't thought about how it might impact my professional life. It hasn't impacted it at all. Now it's too late to fix unless I get surgery, which isn't happening soon. Sometimes its just about the work you do and not how you look, although I can understand different generations might feel differently. However, my line of work seems to attract many people with tats and I might even argue it makes me more relatable to defendants.

  11. Yes, and usually you can choose to show it or cover it with makeup, but not with those pants, because the hem bisects the tat. I just don't think this is an issue that should be ignored on the blogosphere, because it is going to be an issue for the next 15 years or so; and too many future professionals aren't thinking about what is an asset or a liability.

    BTW, I am totally jealous of the fit of those slacks. I was cursed with hips and still NO bust. Not fair!

  12. I think I need to try these pants! I like that they come in a variety of colors. They look great on you!

  13. Love these pants. So pretty.

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  14. I bought a pair of Sloan's last year...the fit can be a hit or miss sometimes. Like they fit great at the waist but baggy thighs...being petite and finding work pants is sooo hard sometimes!

  15. Woah, I had no ideas you could stack those coupons! I've been eyeing the Sloan for a while and this is definitely the push I need! They look amazing on you! What a great purchase! I think I'll also need the petite size! I'm not super short (5'4"), but my legs are!

    Bold Subtlety