August 18, 2013

PSA: Don't Forget to Cut the Strings on Your New Suit!

If you didn't know, below is a picture of a "vent." You find vents on the back of many mens and women's blazers, and on women's skirts. Sometimes there are even two vents.
 Vents are usually sewn shut with a little bit of string, like this:
Public Service Announcement: Don't forget to cut the strings to release the vent! 

The strings are there to help the material lay flat and look nice on the hanger. Cut off the strings before you leave the house! I definitely have been guilty of walking around with my skirt vent sewn shut once or twice (as an intern! before I knew better!), but once I realized I had been walking around all day like that, I was embarrassed and quickly fixed the issue. I only bring this up because on Friday in court I saw 2 people in front of me in line to call a case - 1 man and 1 woman, who had the vents of their blazers still sewn shut. Congrats on the new suit, but don't let everyone know you got a new suit :)

There are a bagillion more "office faux-pas" that I can think of, but that may be another post for another time. For now, just remember to snip your strings :)


  1. My tip would be to remember to cut off those flimsy belt loops on dresses. The ones which look like a piece of cotton crocheted together at either side of the dress. They are only there to keep the belt in place whilst in the store.

  2. ohhhh goooodddddd I so did this! LAST SUMMER. I had a new pencil skirt from J.Crew and the red strings matched the red skirt and it just totally slipped my mind... until this lady in the elevator pulled me aside and gave me "that look" like "awwww, sweet, look at the total n00b." So embarrassing!

  3. really good tip! I'm guilty of this one as well :(

  4. at least somebody told you! i realized when i got home from work after a full day strutting my stuff with people probably snickering at me hahaha

  5. My co worker does it for me in anger? I don't care frankly, lol.

  6. Haha I have definitely been guilty of a new skirt and quickly cut off the tag while running late and heading out the door, but forgot to cut open the back slit! Thankfully, I realized it when I attempted to get into the car and the skirt felt a little tight. I fixed it as soon as I got into the office!