September 25, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Powerline Dress Review

I ordered the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Powerline Dress when the collection first came out. When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was that I liked the feel of the material. It is crepe and feels more work appropriate and expensive than other fabrics from the collection. I also ordered the long-sleeve floral blouse but that was so bad (in my opinion) that it wasn't even worth a review. The material feels cheap, there were strings falling out all over the place, it's sheer, and it's very large. 
The faux leather belt felt a little cheap, but it was fully adjustable for all waist sizes and could easily be switched out with a belt of your choice. I also liked the faux-wrap front style of the dress for a bit of added interest. The allover pattern was also pretty. FYI, it looks black and white in these photos and online, but there are also hints of lime green/yellow-ish surrounding all of the black lines in this dress. I think it would look great with a black, grey, white/cream or camel blazer, and an array of colored cardigans for work.  
So everything's good, right?.... Wrong.
The dress runs very, very large. This is why I never end up buying anything from these Target collaborations. The dress is $49.99 and would require extensive slimming on the sides of the dress to fit, which will probably cost me $20-25 bucks. I have to decide if a TARGET dress is worth $70... right now I'm leaning toward no. 
If you are lucky enough to be able to fill out this dress sans alterations, I highly recommend it for work. 
Did you get anything from the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collection? What are your thoughts on the pieces you got?
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  1. yeaaaah. I basically returned everything but this sweater [] and the bag. That dress was so ridiculously huge on me too!

    The sweater is actually really nice though, and it fit well. It's super soft!

  2. Shame that the dress is so large, although belted you can't tell! It's a very lovely print :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. I do love the print. I pulled all the extra fabric behind me for the belted photos so I could see what it might look like if I pay for the alterations. I'm still considering it...

  4. The sweater wasn't on my radar, I don't even think I noticed it while scrolling through all the options until right now! Do you think I should return the dress or alter it? Do you think it's worth 70 bucks? You've felt the fabric and tried it on so I trust your judgment

  5. Bummer that it's so huge! It's such a cute print!

  6. I didn't get to try the dress myself, but saw one at Target just yesterday. The fabric was...interesting? Is it polyester?? I absolutely LOVED print though! If you think you would wear it for 3 years, go for it! That's my "rule."

  7. i ordered the floral blouse too and it was quite possibly one of the worst garments i have ever ordered online! it's good to know i wasn't the only one!

    dash dot dotty

  8. I have not seen the dress, but that is an awful lot of altering. I don't think I would try it. I would be very surprised if it draped right afterwards. A shame, really. Doubled up to fit, it looked darling on you; and you are spot on with the cardigan idea.

  9. That sucks. That's why it's sometimes isn't worth buying something for that cheap, because it's make poorly. Sorry about your luck.