September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

I spent Labor Day weekend visiting my BF in Chicago. Without the pressure to do "touristy" things we had a great time just doing whatever we wanted to!  On Saturday we went to brunch at this place called Eggy's which we went to last time I was in town. It was raining all morning and the weather report called for rain in the afternoon and I was so upset that it was going to be bad weather. I originally wore the outfit below, but with all the rain, when we went back to his apartment to change for the rest of the day I added a sweater and leather jacket. Thankfully, the rain stopped about mid day so I was able to ditch the jacket.
We spent the day just walking around downtown Chicago. It's amazing how crappy the shopping is in Miami compared to Chicago. We stopped into All Saints - it was my first time in a brick and mortar store. I loved all the leathers! A bit (a lot) out of my price range though, but the sales associate said they have sales about twice a year. We also stopped into Zara and Nordstrom Rack. The Zara was amazing. The Nordstrom Rack was also amazing but it was really crowded probably because of the holiday. I always wonder how people always get such great things at The Rack since I NEVER find quality designer items in my size at the one in Miami. I know if I had more time to search through the racks at the Chicago store I would have found something to buy. As it was, I found at least 5 things in my size from great designers (DVF and Theory to name a few) that I was close to buying but didn't pull the trigger. I'll update with my other outfit from the trip another day! What did you do this labor day weekend? Hopefully you had fun!
Jacket: ASOS
Sweater: Old Navy (similar)
Blouse: Express (similar)
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: B. Makowsky
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  1. I am on the same boat as you, I don't know how some people can have a truck load of stuff to buy and sometimes I can't even find one thing! I spent the weekend studying - but glad you were able to visit your bf and shop :)

  2. Shopping in the big cities is one of my favorite parts of work trips - NYC, Chicago, San Fran. So much fun!

  3. For good shopping in miami you have to go to lincoln road, bal harbour, or aventura mall. Aventura mall has an all saints, in fact

  4. lol I am aware, but Aventura is too far, Lincoln Rd is Miami Beach not Miami and I have no idea where bal harbour is. Miami itself sucks

  5. haha yeah. Bal Harbour is super fancy shopping, it's just north of miami beach.