October 12, 2013

vest over dress

I wore this out a few weekends ago. It's funny to look back at photos before I started blogging and realize how simple my style was before. The last time I wore this dress I wore it alone and with a simple necklace. Today, I would never think of wearing it alone (and not only because I like to cover up more now). This vest  has proven to be one of my favorite purchases from the last year. Every time I think an outfit needs "something" extra I can usually add this vest. Plus, living in Florida, it's nice to be able to layer without adding sleeves. It may be October but it's still 80-85 every day :) Tonight I'm going to Sensation! I planned my outfit for months (or, rather, I made sure to buy a white dress months ago and then fussed about what shoes to wear a few weeks ago) and I'm just hoping that I'm not too hot wearing long sleeves. I'll hopefully be able to take some pictures of my outfit, but sometimes you just get caught up in all the fun and it's not a priority! Any fun plans for Columbus Day Weekend?? 
Vest: Zara (similar)
Dress: H&M (similar)
Necklaces: Forever 21 (similar)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Longchamp
Ring: Ebay (the real deal)
Shoes: c/o Alonai


  1. That is such a nice printed dress, and it looks great with the vest!

    Hope you have fun at sensation :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. How do the shoes fit? Your toes look really scrunched together!

  3. kind of figured someone would notice that - i have bunions so they fit fine, my toes are just messed up.

  4. Love this look. So pretty and so versatile.

    Don't forget to join me tomorrow for my weekly tres-chic fashion thursday link up.