February 17, 2014

3 Going Out Outfits & a Jewelry Rut

I have today off for Presidents' Day so I decided to recreate some of my "going out" outfits from the last 3 weeks. I generally don't take pics of them because it's dark outside when I'm getting ready, but that doesn't mean I like them any less than others! I noticed that I've been reaching for the same jewelry almost every day, which is kind of annoying because I own SO MANY PIECES. Suggestions on how to get out of a jewelry rut?? Anyway, this first outfit I wore out for one of my friend's last nights out in Miami. He just moved to DC/VA :( We went to a few places in Wynwood, which is new to me but it's definitely growing on me as a fun place to go out. I like how unpretentious people seemed (not like South Beach, lol).
Jacket: Zara (similar)
Top: Marshall's (similar)
Pants: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Bag: Longchamp
Necklaces: Forever 21 (similar) & Ann Taylor (similar)
I wore the below outfit to a happy hour, and then randomly out in a limo ride to Key Biscayne, South Beach, and Hollywood. I love nights that you don't expect to be fun but they turn out to be very adventurous. These shoes are probably some of the most uncomfortable that I own but it makes it all worth it when I get compliments on them :)
Blouse: Ann Taylor (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Lastly, I somehow have the magic touch and was able to get free Deadmau5 tickets for a concert this weekend so this is what I wore. I opted for flat boots instead of heels because I knew it would be a long night of dancing. My feet thanked me later.
Vest: Zara (similar)
Dress: American Apparel (similar)
Boots: Report via DSW

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