February 10, 2014

Beaded Sweatshirt

I wore this a few weeks ago during the "polar vortex" when it was colder in Miami. It's actually a recreation of the outfit I wore on Christmas day. I love the beading detail on this sweater from J. Crew factory but I'm at a loss for how to wash it.. hand wash maybe? Dry clean? Dry cleaning a sweatshirt??? Anyway, I miss the cold weather already - COME BACK TO ME! I still want to wear boots and jackets :( 
Leather Jacket: ASOS (I'm wearing the non-petite version which does not appear to be available any more)
Scarf: Macys
Sweatshirt: J. Crew Factory
Plaid shirt: H&M (similar)
Necklace: Ebay (similar)
Pants: Forever 21 (similar)
Boots: Ann Taylor
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I always do the handwash/cold cycle for stuff like that. Its just too much of a hassle to dry clean certain things.

  2. I adore this sweatshirt. I almost bought it but somehow resisted, and now I'm wishing I had. Super cute, but definitely annoying because it should be hand washed!

  3. I think I would turn it inside out and machine wash then lie flat to dry.

  4. that is a very cool sweater! your scarf is pretty sweet, too! have a happy valentine's day!