February 5, 2014

Blue & Teal & Email Viruses

I don't have anything special to say about this outfit. But I do have an embarrassing/funny story. So, my condo association recently changed management companies and the new front desk person put notes on everyone's doors to fill out new emergency contact info. I've been putting it off because I'm lazy/keep forgetting. I received a 2nd notice and still didn't fill it out. So I got an email from my condo association saying "important document" with an attachment which I figured was this emergency contact form, so I tried to open it. It wouldn't open so I tried a few times and eventually gave up. A little while later I got an email from my condo association saying "DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE EMAIL WE SENT YOU"... it was a freaking virus and when I tried to open it it basically hacked into my Gmail, got all of my email contacts (everyone who I've ever emailed in my life) and sent the same phishing email to about 1000 people from me. The problem was that this happened on a Saturday while I was in the middle of a wedding, so I wasn't near a computer to fix this/do anything about it other than change my email password. The worst part was that probably 100 prosecutors from my local office got the email, and some of them tried to open it, and then their IT department sent out an email warning the whole office not to open my email with my name and email address attached... super embarrassing. I look like such an idiot but I swear I was just fooled because it came from my condo association's email address! Anywayyyy if you happen to get an email like that don't open it! Have a great day :) 
Jacket: Theory
Dress: Tahari (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)
Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Oh gosh, that sucks! I had a similar situation in law school (sort of)... my Gmail account was hacked and they sent an e-mail to everyone I'd ever sent an e-mail to asking for money including all these legal aid clients, professors, etc. So awful!

  2. wow like it ! & loooove the MK Bag <3

    xx Esra My Beautyworld