April 14, 2014

Miami Blow-Dry Bar: Glam & Go

I mentioned in my last post that I have a black tie event to go to in 2 weeks. One of my best friends recently tried a "blow-dry bar" in Miami and had pretty good results, so I'm thinking of following suit and getting my hair professionally blown out for the event. I also just recently heard about Glam & Go, which seems like the perfect fit. They cater to the after-gym crowd, where they will give you a drywash (with dry shampoo) and style after the gym (for $20 - it only takes 15 minutes!) or a blowout after your shower (for only $35 - and it only takes 30 minutes!). I would be interested in trying the full on blowout for my event. They have two locations in Miami - one on South Beach at the Loews Hotel, and one in Brickell at the Epic Hotel. See the graphic below for some of the styles they offer. I'm loving the "Serious Curves" one! 

Have you ever tried a blow-dry bar? What have been your results?


  1. I have always always wanted to try one, but of course there aren't any in the small cities I live in. Can't wait to hear about your experience!

  2. Yeah! We have "dry bar" in Texas that's great. They wash blow dry, and style for $40 in 30-45 minutes! They're great for events when you want a professional.