April 28, 2014

Test Driving

I wore this outfit to celebrate Easter with my family. As I drove around town, I noticed a lot of people were taking full advantage of the "warm" 50-60 degree weather by going bare legged, but there I was wearing my boots and leather jacket, haha. In other inconsequential news, while I was in CT, I test drove 3 types of Jeeps and I'm now obsessed with the Wrangler. I'm going to buy a car in the next few weeks so I need to decide what I'm going to do on that front. On the one hand, other cars I've looked at have safety and plenty of "features," but on the other hand... there's the badass Wrangler. Decisions decisions...For reference I also test drove the Jeep Patriot and Cherokee, the Toyota Rav4, and the Honda CRV. If you have any suggestions of similar "crossover" type SUVs to try please let me know! And if you have a Wrangler I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Jacket: ASOS (mine is not petite - bought it before they made it in petite sizes)
Sweater: Ann Taylor (similar)
Blouse: J. Crew (similar pattern)
Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)
Boots: Ann Taylor (similar)
Necklaces: Forever 21 (similar), Ann Taylor
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: Michael Kors (similar), David Yurman
Bag: Longchamp
Oh, and these are my parents' dogs - Yoshi and Jasper. Love them even though Jasper is a cranky old man these days. 


  1. I have a 2002 cr-v that is still going strong with nearly 180000 miles. And other than the time it was in an accident it has only needed routine maintenance. I do think they are a better car than the Rav4 (you tend to see more old crv's than rav4s, at least where I am) but they are definetly not as sexy as Jeeps...or even as sexy as they used to look!

    It may be smaller than you are looking for, but Honda also makes something called a Crosstour that we have started eyeing as our next new car.

  2. The jeeep. There is nothing better than driving top down. nooooothing.

  3. I've had both a Jeep and a CR-V, and while I thought the Jeep would forever be my favorite, I actually have found the CR-V to be a better fit for me. But good luck in your hunt, for sure!!!

  4. I think the Rav4 and CRV would be the best. Then again I have a Highlander. I tend to lean towards Japanese cars. :)

    Cheresa @ www.misshotcouture.blogspot.com

  5. I'm on my 2nd CRV, and when I was a 20-something lawyer I wanted a Wrangler so bad I could taste it. The Wrangler was relatively expensive, its gas mileage was not great (and at 30,000 miles a year that was a real issue), insurance was expensive, and its reliability ratings sucked. All of that may have changed in the last 25 years. I wound up buying my first Honda instead. I got the CRX, which hasn't been made in years but its body style is being used for the CRZ. the CRX was cute, fun to drive, nimble, quick, amazingly capable at hauling anything I needed moved anywhere and dirt cheap. I put 248,000 miles on it before trading it in on my first CRV. I put 208,000 miles on it, and am at 178,000 on my 2nd CRV., They get decent gas mileage for their size, have impressive cargo (and dog) carrying capacities, are reasonably comfortable -- and absolutely fabulous for a middle-aged, boring woman. Have some fun. As much as I would love to e young enough to still lust after a Wrangler, I HATE having my car in the shop; and I really hate paying repair bills.

    My current CRV has a moonroof. I've always wanted a convertible. I use the moon roof far more than I would a ragtop. It opens in seconds, with the push of a button, while you are driving. I will open it between the courthouse and the highway, then close it on the merge ramp so it won't toast my gas mileage. Stuff loose in the car doesn't blow around or away with the moonroof open. I get sun and fresh hair without a hair job. I will never willingly drive a car without one again.

    What about a Miata or a lightly used BMW?

  6. I also have a Highlander and I love it. That's why I gravitated toward the Rav at the very beginning, I'm looking to downsize but only slightly. I haven't had any real trouble with this car at all in the 8 years I've had it, only routine maintenance

  7. Did you have a wrangler or another kind of jeep? This is kind of silly but as I've been thinking more and more about this, I worry that I'll have trouble getting into the wrangler wearing skirts (I wear them about 4-5 days a week on average to work). Did you have that problem? I also wonder if I'll be annoyed by having 2 doors. I used to have a 2-door car in high school and I managed but I can't remember HOW I managed, lol.

  8. You have the Miata right?? How have you liked it?

  9. Thanks so much for your comment Elaine! The safety has been improved slightly, but the Wranglers still have less airbags than the average car. The gas has also improved but again, only slightly and not even comparable to something like the Rav4 or CRV which now both get something like 31 or 34 MPG highway and 26 or something MPG city. I don't drive very much (about 10-15 miles a day approx) so I wasn't so worried about gas, but it is something to consider for the times I do have to drive far distances.

    I think I am trying to rationalize to convince myself why I'd be OK with a Wrangler, but rationalizing is kind of silly. The wrangler has absolutely NO features and you have to add everything, even AC on the cheapest model. The very basics I'd need are bluetooth capability a hardtop and supplemental airbags..which on any other car are standard features.

    Anyway, I am pretty much set on an SUV and hadn't considered used, but I am open to looking. I will check out some BMWs today and see if they can be in my price range! I also think my friend has the Miata, and it's a super cool car.. I will ask her how she likes it

  10. I actually like the look of the old CRVs better than the new ones. I get a "mom van" vibe from the new ones, haha. But you're right, I see many more old CRVs than Ravs on the road. Ugh, I still have so much thinking to do! Thank you for your comment!

  11. I had a Cherokee, but I totally get what you're saying about skirts! I don't have any trouble with my CR-V, and I didn't really with my Jeep, either, but I don't wear skirts nearly as much as you do. You should go back and re-visit each car wearing a skirt to test it out :)

  12. Wow good to know! I've only had it for 3.5 years!

  13. I love it! It's super zippy and fast, and like I said, I love a good convertible and it's the least expensive one on the market. car enthusiasts absolutely love it as a true sports car as well. However, practical car, it is not.