May 12, 2014

brown tweed, white, black

-I've been wearing the Ann Taylor Kenzie pumps below for about 2 weeks now, and although they are pretty comfortable, I find that the perfect pump is still miles ahead of this shoe in comfort level. It's probably due to the pointed toe on these versus the almond toe on the perfect pumps. 
-I don't really think about the order of my posts. If I like an outfit I will take a picture of it and then I'll post it whenever I have time. I just realized I've been wearing this jacket an awful lot, so I apologize for any repetition!
-I moved my part from the right to the left side of my head... still trying to figure out if I like it. Anyway, hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day - my mom was in town for the weekend so it was nice to get to spend it with her. My dog got me nothing for mother's day, can you believe it?? So ungrateful. 
-Anyway, the biggest news of the weekend is that I bought a car! And now I have to wait 6 weeks to get it :( Here's to patience...
Jacket: Ann Taylor (similar)
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Banana Republic (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklaces: unknown (similar) & Ann Taylor (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I recently found your blog when searching for ideas on what to wear to an interview and I was immediately pulled in by your classic style! Great post! Repetition is practical and it shows how to re-use staple pieces to create multiple outfits!

  2. I LOL about the dog not getting you a gift part! I think I am going to keep the Kenzie. I wear it here and there for 2 minutes at a time to try to break it in. Also, I think it's good to repeat a blazer/jacket! It's realistic!

    Cheresa @

  3. I seriously LOL when I read the part about your dog. My dog didn't get me anything either, so no hard feelings. Love your outfit here! How exciting about your car! I'm just trying to get through my Evidence exam on Friday...ew. :(

  4. Hi! Please, forgive my bad english, but I'm a brazilian lawyer who have just started this corporate life!
    I entered a firm recently and always think that have nothing to wear or, I feel "old" on my clothes... You always look so classy and gorgeous, even using professional clothes!
    Do you have any tips for a girl like me? Your blog is beautiful and helpfull!
    Love this outfit!
    Kisses from Brazil. :)

  5. Thanks so much for your comment! I don't know your body type or anything, but I think the #1 suggestion I can make is to get your suits tailored so they fit you really well, otherwise your look can come across as "frumpy" if the clothes are too tight or too long. I love Theory suits because they are very slim fitting off the rack

  6. Ah! Evidence.... honestly so useful to know if you end up being a litigation/trial lawyer though!

  7. that is one very smart outfit! love it!

  8. Ann Taylor really needs to sponsor one of your posts because you look awesome in their clothes. Seriously, you wear it so, so well. I'd also like to add that you have goooorgeous hair.

  9. Congrats on the car purchase! And that jacket is such a perfect subtle texture that I can see why you wear it a lot!

    dash dot dotty