June 2, 2014

So this happened...

Apparently pictures don't do it justice because it doesn't look that different below, but I got my hair dyed blonde over the weekend! Was looking for a change and I definitely got one. Anyone else go blonde for the summer? I haven't dyed my hair in about 4 years so I kind of forgot what it's like to deal with upkeep and texture change... I hope I don't get sick of this quickly, lol! Also, if anyone has a good purple/toner shampoo to recommend I'd love to hear about it. The #1 thing I told my colorist is I didn't want yellow or brassy hair. 


  1. Wow...... you look hot! Can't wait to see how it looks with your outfit pairings! Do you need to adjust your makeup?


  2. I'm a natural dark brunette and I had light blonde hair for a couple years. The best shampoo I ever used was shimmer lights! Only needed it about twice a week. I don't wash often so if I washed more than that I just used a salon brand

  3. I liked the John Frieda sheer blonde line back in my day. I found it worked just fine for me.



    But I've been told it is better to use sulfate free shampoo and use a toning shampoo every few times you wash your hair.

    I also made sure to do a deep conditioning mask once a week to help reverse damage. This is a good place to "spend money" on a hair product because it does make a difference. I never found much of a difference in shampoo use....

    Unfortunately, my favorite blonde product has been discontinued. IT WAS THE BEST. I used to use a blonde glaze from John Frieda.


    lol. It still exists if you are willing to pay a giant markup, haha. When it first got discontinued I was all over it. They say clear glazes help too. John Frieda does still have a clear one.

  4. They recommended sulfate free at the salon so I ended up buying a sulfate free purple shampoo that the "beauty department" (lauren conrad's blog thing) recommended. I do think I'm going to buy John Freida though because that's like, the authority on blonde hair haha

  5. thanks for the recommendation Hanna!

  6. I haven't changed anything yet... maybe that's a problem. But the colorist left the lowlights as my natural hair color for now so my eyebrows still look fine the color they are..maybe I'll ask opinions after I post more pics with the new hair

  7. Yeah you are right. I see your brows still match and work with your hair! :) Can't wait to see more of it!

  8. I did the same thing! I'm a natural brunette, and don't dyed my hair for too long, the colour was boring. Here in Brazil we're on Autumn, but now I have a lighter ombré hair. I found really weird in the beggining, but started to love.