August 29, 2014

Summer Work Wear Take 2

I love the combo of this striped dress I got last year from Ann Taylor with the newer Zara textured blazer. It almost looks like they were made for each other! And the combination of the two is perfect for summer with the lighter colors. 
Jacket: Zara (love this snakeskin one)
Dress: Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors

August 27, 2014

Polka dot dress & new work pumps

Ah, to be this tan again. I've been neglecting putting on my St. Tropez tanning mousse for the last few weeks - need to get back into that again. So, my Cole Haan Air Violet pumps that I bought last year as my "everyday" work shoe are starting to wear thin in the sole, so I bought the below Pour La Victoire mary-jane style d'orsay shoes as a more-fun replacement. Amazon had them for a great price a few weeks ago - as of this posting they are $81 down from $250 retail. I got mine for even less :) They are much more uncomfortable than the Cole Haan ones, but damn are they stylish. 
Dress: Ann Taylor (similar)
Jacket: Theory
Necklaces: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Below is a photo I posed to Instagram - I have it set to private because, you know, privacy is good. But if you request to follow me I'll allow it :) I post pics of my dog mostly but WHO DOESN'T LOVE DOGS? No one, that's who. 

August 25, 2014

Moto sweater + grey sheath

Someday I will make a post about my favorite purchases ever and I'm pretty sure this moto sweater will be on the list - unless by then it's disintegrated from over-use. I usually wear this sweater for non-court days at the office and casually, but I've seen some other attorneys wear the exact sweater to court so I did follow suit last week. Plus it was Friday and you know how I feel about court on Fridays (IMO it's more casual! Kinda...). Anyway, here's another look at my "greige" dress and how it looks more grey when you wear it with grey. 
Jacket: Ann Taylor (similar, similar)
Dress: Theory
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: Bohypsy (similar)

August 22, 2014

Big Kid Couch

I bought my first "real" piece of furniture that's NOT from Ikea.. a couch! It took me a while to get it delivered but I'd recommend it in terms of style and price so far. I can't attest to durability yet as I've had it for a few hours, haha. Macy's is currently having a sale so if you're interested - here it is!
Thinking about changing up the throw pillows for some color - my whole apartment is grey and black and more grey. I'm thinking a deep purple or deep teal but I don't want it to look too girly. Maybe even an orange or green? Suggestions are welcome! (And I'm referring to getting rid of the black and white checked ones for reference). 

August 21, 2014

Firmoo Review, Casual Summer, & a Duckface

So, Firmoo sent me a free pair of glasses to review. I don't wear prescription glasses so I chose a pair of sunglasses. Any pair of glasses on their site is able to be customized to add tints to become sunglasses, which I think is great - they have a lot of styles to choose from. Originally, I was going to choose a pair of wayfarers and add the tint, but the ordering process for the free pair was confusing. If I were paying out of my own pocket it's easy to customize because there's just a check box to add tints/polarization, etc. To make it easier on myself and on the company I ended up choosing a style that's only available as sunglasses so there was no confusion. I decided to "go big or go home" with these, haha. They have a "Virtual Look Viewer" where you can upload a selfie and try on the different glasses to see how they'll look. Each pair also comes with a recommended PD range. The visualizer plus the PD range help you to pick a pair of glasses that best suits your face shape and size. I didn't know what a PD was until I browsed the website, but apparently you can measure the distance between your pupils in millimeters. These glasses below were clearly on the larger end of my range but I think girls can get away with giant bug glasses - they are chic! 
Glasses: Firmoo (currently appear to be out of stock)
Top: Express (similar)
Jorts: Forever 21 (mine got like this from years of wear) (similar)
Sandals: Ipanema (special edition color from Swim Week)
Necklaces: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: Forever 21 (this is the set of rings, I split them up)
Firmoo also offers a "first pair free" program for new customers. Check it out - it's definitely something I would try if I wore prescription glasses! They have a few styles to choose from as part of the free promotion.

As far as my particular glasses go - they arrived in a sturdy and cute map-print case, along with a fabric cleaning wipe, an eyeglass fixer kit, and a cloth carrying case. My frames are plastic with a tortoiseshell pattern. The tints of the glasses were customizable to all sorts of colors and from light to dark tint. Mine are dark brown. I think they are good quality and I'd definitely order from them again (with my own money!). 
Oh and here's a duck-face pic of me below because I think it's kind of awkward to take closeup pics of my face. Also an opportunity to see my accessories better :)
Have any of you ordered from Firmoo? Anyone going to try the "first pair free" program? Let me know!

August 10, 2014

How I Stopped Biting My Nails

I used to bite my nails. I bit them for about 21 years, and last year, almost to the day, I made the decision to stop. I had been working as a lawyer for a year and I started to notice people's hands more at work and at networking events (all that hand shaking I think). To me, it was very obvious when someone had short bitten nails. I started to think - if I'm noticing it on other people, people must notice it on me. I thought it looked unprofessional and a bit juvenile. So I made the decision to try to stop. 
(By the way, I'm sorry but I don't have any "before" photos because I didn't have the foresight a year ago to think I was going to do a post on this.. Below are some of my favorite manicures I've had over the last year.) Anyway, here's some of my tips on how I quit my worst bad habit. 
1. I started out by getting a set of acrylic nails put on. These can usually stay on for at least 2 weeks, which would give my nails underneath time to grow out. Plus, the acrylic is really hard - so hard that I could still put my nails in my mouth, but I couldn't physically bite my fingernails because they were so hard. I left the acrylics on for about 3 weeks to let the nails under grow. As an aside, I know acrylics basically ruin your nails, but I was starting from scratch and knew my particular purpose. I purely did it to grow some initial length.
2. After I got the acrylics taken off, I got a professional manicure done to even out the ragged edges. But my real step 2 was that I started getting gel/Shellac manicures for about 2-3 months. This also "ruins" your nails and makes them paper thin, but the trick for me was not physically being able to bite my nails. The gel polish is pretty thick, but still thinner than acrylics. Therefore, I was still able to do the action of putting my nails in my mouth without physically biting the nail off. It wasn't until about December of 2013 that I weaned myself off biting altogether and was able to move on to regular manicures.
3. After my nails had grown long enough to my liking, I started getting manicures every 2 weeks. I found that whenever the polish chipped, I was more likely to revert back to biting my nails, so my #1 tip is to always have a polished manicure with no chips. The prettier my nails looked, the less I wanted to ruin them. 
Essie  - I think it's "Too Taboo"
4. As I finally completely stopped biting, I let my nails grow longer and longer - this was a mistake. Whenever I let them get too long inevitably at least one nail would break or crack, and I'm back to square one on that nail. I now keep my nails pretty short (like all of the above photos) to make sure I don't break a nail. 
(This is not the above color - but it's similar and it's one of my favorites - Essie "Chinchilly" is probably the color I choose most at my manicure place)
Ring: Michael Kors (similar)
5. After 21 years biting my nails, they were very, very short. I had damaged my nails pretty badly but hoped that as the nails grew they would reattach to the skin. Unfortunately, after a year, there has been little to no reattachment. This results in me always wearing opaque nail polish because I just hate the way the nails look without it. I accidentally chose a see-through pale pink polish at my last manicure appointment, so you can see what my nails actually look like below. They aren't terrible, but I'm still self conscious about how they look "bare," or without opaque polish. 
Finally, I want to say that I definitely did not quit cold turkey. I bit my nails a few times over the last year. But I usually caught myself doing it, stopped, and immediately filed the nail a bit to get rid of the rough/jagged edge. Despite a few biting setbacks, I think the thing that kept me going was looking down and seeing pretty nails. I now love changing my polish and I've found that it's a great accessory to an outfit. Plus it's fun to buy pretty polishes :)

So, yeah, this was kind of a weird/personal post for me. I don't usually talk about my life much on the blog, as you can tell. I'd love to hear from anyone who also used to bite their nails, anyone who currently does and is looking to stop, - or anyone who's got some favorite polishes to share! My collection is growing and growing, with Butter London polishes at the top of my list. I LOVE their glitters! 

August 5, 2014


Theory was having a great sale a few weeks ago and I purchased the below dress and matching blazer at 40% off retail. I've wanted a tan/light brown suit for a while, and the color "gray oat" looked perfect online... I should have probably known by the "gray" in "gray oat" that the actual color was more of a "greige" than straight up tan/brown. It's not the color I wanted but it certainly is versatile as greige can match with blacks, grays, and silvers just as easily as browns, tans, and golds. 
Jacket: Zara (similar)
Dress: Theory
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar) (also love this one)
Watch: Michael Kors