August 27, 2014

Polka dot dress & new work pumps

Ah, to be this tan again. I've been neglecting putting on my St. Tropez tanning mousse for the last few weeks - need to get back into that again. So, my Cole Haan Air Violet pumps that I bought last year as my "everyday" work shoe are starting to wear thin in the sole, so I bought the below Pour La Victoire mary-jane style d'orsay shoes as a more-fun replacement. Amazon had them for a great price a few weeks ago - as of this posting they are $81 down from $250 retail. I got mine for even less :) They are much more uncomfortable than the Cole Haan ones, but damn are they stylish. 
Dress: Ann Taylor (similar)
Jacket: Theory
Necklaces: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Below is a photo I posed to Instagram - I have it set to private because, you know, privacy is good. But if you request to follow me I'll allow it :) I post pics of my dog mostly but WHO DOESN'T LOVE DOGS? No one, that's who. 


  1. Those shoes are adorable! I so wish I could wear shoes like that, it must be the way my foot arches or something, but I cannot wear d'orsay style shoes, and believe me, I've tried!! So chic!

  2. dang girl, those are some shoes! I could never walk more than like 4 steps in them, so major props to you!

  3. They are prettyyyy uncomfortable, as far as my normal shoe choices go, haha. But I sacrifice for a few hours a day and then change into flats :)

  4. I love your blog! I don't even remember how I stumbled on it but I have a similar work wardrobe and it gives me great style late ideas.

  5. wowzers! that looks like you got yourself a power suit! very nice!

  6. I have this dress and feel fierce wearing it with a red lip, statement necklace, and hair styled up :-)

    Anyway, I am not sure whether I've previously been on your blog but as I'm getting back into the blogging spirit and looking for bloggers who share my interests or topics I found you, a fellow petite fashionista. And are you also an attorney?

    Looking forward to connecting further...

  7. I love the red lip and hair up idea. I can only style my hair like 3 ways so learning an up-do for work is on my to-do list. I am an attorney - criminal and personal injury. Can't wait to follow your blog, I hope you get back into writing!

  8. With up-dos I always get finicky and want to take down my hair. Since my hair is not naturally straight it'll often already have a band mark or wave of sorts, forcing me to put it back up before anyone can see me so I have had much practice but for meetings, interviews, presentations, etc, I always stick to a no fail blowout :-D