September 4, 2015

What's REALLY in my work bag?

In the ~4 years I've had this blog, I don't think I've ever done a "what's in my bag?" post. Partly it was because, like I've said before, this requires foresight (which I rarely have when it comes to this blog) and partly it was because most of these posts by other bloggers are similar/the same, and what makes me different? I'll tell you what makes me different - I am going to show you what's REALLY in my work bag, sans any edits to make my life seem more put-together or beautiful than the average person. At the end of the day, I am a lawyer by career, not a blogger portraying some falsely beautiful life. Ahead, a pretty pic of my new-ish work bag, and what is REALLY in my work bag (at least on the day I took these pictures). 
(clockwise from the top right)
  • I carry a notebook with me often/almost daily. I usually forget to pack one when I'm going to a deposition and then I run into a problem where I'm taking notes all over random papers. 
  • I've been carrying these random papers in my bag for the last month. They are my car insurance renewal papers. I have to pay this bill by next week or my insurance will lapse.
  • My boyfriend bought me this Kate Spade wallet for Christmas/my birthday. It's got that saffiano leather which makes it harder to scratch - which is perfect for my life!
  • I always have random pens in my bag - how else will I take notes on my notepad?
  • Although I have a cute Kate Spade gold business card holder (similar) (a gift from my parents, I believe when I graduated from law school), I still manage to throw business cards willy-nilly around my bag. Also, a lone paperclip.
  • My sunglasses OUTSIDE of my sunglass case. I am surprised the glasses are not scratched, but I've been lucky so far. 
  • A literal plastic bag which I carried my lunch to work in the day these pictures were taken. What is my life? 
  • NOTE: missing things that are also usually in my bag: a mini Purell hand sanitizer, a lanyard attached to a USB drive (gotta have my files with me, bro), a random lipgloss (almost every bag I have has a NYX lipgloss in it). 
The end. I hope this post has, at the very least, made you chuckle. And at the most, I hope you realize it's OK to have imperfect, not-very-beautiful content in your purse. 

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