February 16, 2016

Casetify Mother of Pearl iPhone Case Review

Warning: Long blocks of text ahead.
I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6s for my birthday in December and I decided I wanted a fun new case to go with it. After perusing Pinterest, I had my heart set on a mother of pearl looking case with some dimension and sparkle. I found that the current options on the market for this very specific case style were limited, but I found what I was looking for at Casetify. I had never heard of the company before, but they were all over Instagram, and were even endorsed by some bloggers I follow, so I figured I'd give it a try. As always, this is an honest review - and an FYI, I bought this case with my own $. 

First, let me tell you about my experience with actually obtaining the case. I ordered the case January 2. I did not receive the case until February 6 - so it took over a month to get to me. I understand that the holiday times can delay processing and shipping times, but come on. Also, I sent 4 separate emails to their customer service email address AND contact information page and only got "canned" responses that they were busy for the holidays, blah blah. The only way I was able to talk to a real person was by sending them a direct message through Facebook after I had reached my wits end. 

Part of the reason that I did send excessive emails (I usually have patience, I promise) is because my item was listed as "printing done" (with no explanation of what that means) for weeks. Then, it was listed as "shipped" for several weeks with a USPS tracking number that led to nowhere. When I realized the tracking number led to nowhere, that's when I started to panic, which led to the excessive emails. So, moral of my story is you can't really trust their "status updates" because they are wrong. If you check out the Casetify Instagram page comments and the Facebook page, you'll see nothing but similar situations to my own. If I had known how poorly rated the customer service was, I may have bought another case. After all, I walked around with my brand new phone totally unprotected for over a month - that's not cool! 
Ok, so the customer service sucks, but what about the actual case quality? Well... I bought the Metaluxe style case, which has a few cool features. First, there's the rose gold metal area that surrounds the camera. That's pretty. It also has interchangeable back plates, so if you are into changing your phone case with the change of your mood, this might be a good option for you. Personally, I buy one phone case and stick with it until its time to change out my phone (usually 2 years), but since this particular case was sold in a pack of 3, and I loved all of the plates, I just went with it. In terms of prettiness, this case (and the backplates) take the cake. It truly does remind me of mother of pearl, especially the white backplate. I've gotten compliments almost daily on the black/white one I have on my phone right now. 
Ok, but beside being obviously pretty to look at, is the case functional? Yes and sorta no. I've been using the case for about a week and a half now, and I can testify that the case is sturdy and will protect your phone. It has a bumper surrounding the sides, top, and bottom, as well as a small bezel lip on the front to protect the screen. I've dropped my phone on carpet as an experiment and the case didn't fall off or budge at all. Which leads me to the problem: When I tried to remove the case... I couldn't. It's totally stuck on there. I haven't had my boyfriend try to remove it yet but I really couldn't get it to budge. I can probably get the back plate off by sticking a knife or something thin into the small cracks, but I'm lazy. Good that the case is sturdy and stays put - bad for changing out backplates. Also, the opening at the bottom of the case doesn't allow for one of my phone chargers to stick in there (but it's one I bought at a gas station, so its clearly not Apple-approved). 3 out of 4 of my chargers (I keep them all over - don't judge me!) fit the bottom area. 

FYI - this particular case/backplate set is listed for a whopping $75! I know, it's crazy. I still can't believe I spent that much on a cell phone case, but it was so pretty. Technically its like 4 cases in one (3 backplates and the black case that it comes with). I also got $10 off because Casetify usually runs a promotion for $10 off a purchase of X amount or more, so I really spent $65 with free shipping.

TLDR (Bottom Line): I probably would not buy from this company again unless they had a unique case design that I could get nowhere else (like the cases here). 

February 12, 2016

Firmoo Sunglasses Review & Outfit

Firmoo is an online glasses and sunglasses retailer that offers many options at affordable prices. I've done a review for them once in the past, and they contacted me again to pick out a pair of glasses for free to review. I still wear the glasses I received over a year ago often so of course I said yes again! Since I do not wear prescription glasses (yet.. but it's getting there) I opted for a pair of sunglasses

The hardest part about buying glasses online is wondering how they will look on your face - everyone's face shape is different (mine happens to be pretty narrow) but Firmoo makes the buying experience easier because they offer a "try on" option where you can upload a picture of your face and see how the glasses will look before you buy them. I used the try on feature for the below glasses and I will say they were a lot bigger in person than they appeared online. 

In order to figure out if a pair of glasses will best suit your face, you start out by measuring your PD - which is short for pupillary distance (the distance between the center of your two pupils - it's usually around 53-65 millimeters for adult women). These particular glasses were suited for someone with a larder PD than me, so I should have known they would be big on my face! For reference, I have a PD 53 and the glasses say they are recommended for someone with a PD of 74-80 (that's way larger than the 95th percentile of adult women who have a PD of 65!) You live and learn. I don't mind the large frames at all, but my BF thinks I look dumb. What do boys know anyway? 
I think the quality of the frames is on par with the price - $19. The lenses were not quite 'polarized' but the view through them was crisp and did a good job of blocking out the sun and keeping the image true to color. I think Firmoo's selection is great - If I didn't already have like 5 pairs of sunglasses that I rotate through semi-regularly, I would also pick up these, these, or these
And as for my outfit - I wore this to a Super Bowl party at my friend's mother in law's house. It's been SO COLD in South Florida the past few weeks, I've actually been using my "winter" clothes like the boots below. It's great! What did anyone else do for the Super Bowl? 
Shirt: Target (similar)
Jeans: Rag & Bone (similar - got mine at the outlet!)
Earrings: (not pictured) Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Boots: Ann Taylor (similar)
Bag: Coach (Thanks Mrs. G!) (not sure if this is the exact one, but it's really similar or the same)
Sunglasses: c/o Firmoo