September 28, 2016

90's Power Suit Vibe

Doesn't this tuxedo dress give you such a 90's power suit vibe? At least that's what I immediately thought of when I rented it last week. I loved how the dress looked on, but it proved hard to wear because it bunched up and gaped at the chest while I sat down. I wore it to a client meeting and was constantly fidgeting with the top to make sure I didn't flash anyone. If I wore it again, I'd wear a tank top underneath to not worry about being immodest. Also sorry for the grainy picture quality - as the days are getting shorter I have less light to work with when I get home from work. Also on this particular day it was raining when I took the pictures so it was extra dark. Clearly tuxedo dresses are on-trend right now because there are SO MANY options online. See below for some of my favorites. 
Tuxedo dress: Slate & Willow 
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
Necklace: gift (similar)
Bag: Brahmin
Watch: Michael Kors
Heels: Pour la Victoire (similar)

September 27, 2016

Office to Court featuring Forever 21 Cardigan

I can't remember the last time I shopped at Forever 21, but I was feeling daring a few weeks ago and ordered a few things off I ended up returning about half my order, but I did end up really loving this gem of a cardigan/topper below. It's long and looks great with all my dresses I wear to work, it's not a heavy knit material so it's light enough for Florida weather, and it has great movement. I've worn it at least once a week since I got it a few weeks ago. Below I wore it on a day when I was in the office most of the morning and then had to go to court in the afternoon. I swapped out the cardigan for a navy Theory blazer, and then switched back into this comfortable cardigan after my hearing. Unfortunately, at the time of posting, this cardigan is sold out. The good news is Forever 21 has a ton of these long open-front cardigans available now. I picked some of my favorites below :) 
Cardigan: Forever 21
Jacket: Theory
Dress: Tory Burch
Bag: Brahmin
Earrings: Macy's (similar)
Necklaces: Forever 21 (similar)

September 26, 2016

Red Waterfall Dress

This may be one of my favorite dresses, ever. Waterfall detail on the front was super pretty and flattering, textured dress didn't wrinkle, and it had a work-appropriate length and high-neck. (As I'm typing this post, I just saw it's on MAJOR SALE at Saks for $69.99! STEAL.) I paired it with one of my favorite waterfall cardigans and a matching red lip. I wore this on a client meeting day. In other news, I was on TV for the first time the other day! Not to toot my own horn, but I did pretty good on live television :) Unfortunately can't share more here, but I was very proud of myself and consider it a major career milestone! 
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Kendra Scott
Bag: Brahmin
Heels: Target (similar)

September 22, 2016

Zaful Blush Pink Cold-Shoulder Dress

Even though this blog is fairly small, I often get contacted by companies to review products or write posts. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I rarely post reviews, and that's because I usually say no. But when Zaful contacted me to pick a product from their website in exchange for a review, I said yes after browsing the megastore and seeing all the awesome casual clothing they had to offer for great prices. Most of my closet is comprised of work clothes, so I am always looking for cute casual items to add to my closet. I had a hard time choosing just one thing to review because there are just so many stylish choices on the site. I ended up picking the below blush pink cold shoulder mini dress from Zaful and I'm pretty happy with my choice. As you can see from the photos on Zaful's site, the dress looks exactly as pictured. 
I received the dress just in time to wear it out last weekend to a local brewery tour for a friend's birthday. About 30 of us all took a giant party bus to 3 breweries in the south Florida area and the bus dropped us off at a 4th brewery where we were able to get some food after a long day. There was a lot of sitting on the bus, so I can say the dress handles wrinkles pretty well. The hemline on this dress is unfinished, which was unexpected, but this type of material will not have strings coming loose and should handle several wears/washes before it starts to see the end of its lifespan. For $15.99, I think it's a great deal for an on-trend dress. I would compare the quality of this dress to places like Forever 21, and maybe slightly less than H&M. Although I do not have experience ordering from other asian websites, I would assume the quality is similar. For reference, I'm wearing a size small, and I'm 5'3" - so this dress will be very mini on anyone!
What makes Zaful a cool website to check out are the plethora of casual items to choose from, combined with the almost unbelievable prices. You can get free shipping to the U.S. if you spend more than $30 - which can be around 2-3 items! Please note that when ordering from an international company, you can expect shipping times to take a bit longer than U.S.-based companies. Check out all the stylish dresses they have available! Also, while I was searching through the website, I came across the most amazingly fun promotion I've EVER SEEN which involves POKEMON. So timely, haha!! Check out the Pokemon promotion here
Dress: c/o Zaful
Hat: Nordstrom (similar)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Heels: Saks

September 20, 2016

All Black Bachelorette Party

I wore the below outfit to my friend's bachelorette party in Washington, DC. I flew to Maryland for the 2nd time this summer for her party and stayed with my parents (was great to see them, plus also great to not have to stay in a hotel!). The theme for the bachelorette party was everyone had to wear black and the bride wore white. This is a pretty common theme that I'm noticing, lol. I have a ton of black outfits, but I wanted to rent something out of my comfort zone (and to get the thrill of wearing something new), so I ended up choosing this Parker dress with see-through details at the chest, stomach, and back. The dress was gorgeous and I got several compliments. The only bad thing was of course with this back wearing a bra is difficult. I ended up going to the mall the day of the party with my mom and we picked out one of those stick on bras, and it worked great. Plus it's super sticky and can be used over and over again. With the rate that I wear backless dresses (i.e., not that often), I'll probably keep this bra for years. 
Dress: Parker (similar here)
Earrings: Macy's (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Etsy (similar)
Heels: Saks 

September 19, 2016

Textured White Sheath Dress

I wore this dress on a regular day at work, I don't think I had client meetings or anything. I did a little online shopping at Ann Taylor a month ago during an extra 60% off sale. I immediately was drawn to the below white dress because it's a traditional sheath shape (perfect for work), it's white (I don't have any white dresses for work), and it's got a very pretty subtle textured/floral pattern that makes it different from other dresses. At the time, it was available in basically every size because the reviews of this dress were HORRIBLE. I mean, I almost didn't buy the dress because everyone was bitching that the harm holes were too itchy and they immediately returned the dress. Sometimes it's good to take risks and let yourself be the real judge of a clothing item, and I'm glad that I took the risk because this dress wasn't itchy at all on me. Plus, I'd be wearing a sweater or jacket with it 99% of the time at work, which would prevent any itchiness. Sometimes negative reviews are awesome - because in this case I got this dress for close to 75% off retail price. For reference I ordered it in regular size instead of petite for extra length. It's a little long, but kind of demure, and I can always hem it later. 
Dress: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (love this one)
Jacket: Theory
Earrings: Kendra Scott
Heels: Cole Haan
Bag: Brahmin

September 14, 2016

Printed Wrap Dress

I wore this outfit to work on a regular office day, nothing special about the day. I was super comfortable in this dress all day, but it wrinkled like crazy. Thankfully, the pattern on the dress hides the wrinkles in photos :) This old old old Gap cardigan in my closet matched the dress perfectly, and for jewelry I went with a rose gold necklace and my gold watch, along with a red lip because why not. I couldn't find this exact dress online, but Yumi Kim has a lot of cute, work appropriate printed wrap dresses available! Possibly a slightly less expensive version of the DVF wrap dress?
Dress: Yumi Kim
Cardigan: Gap (similar)
Bag: Brahmin
Heels: Cole Haan
Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Kendra Scott

September 13, 2016

Summer Wedding: Illusion Blue Lace

This was the third dress I was choosing between to wear to the wedding earlier in August in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and it was the original frontrunner from pictures alone. I love the illusion of the lace over sheer tulle, and the ability to wear a regular bra was awesome! If you're interested in this dress, know that it is very form fitting with no structure to suck you in, so I ended up going up a size for it to be slightly more modest. 
Earrings: (similar)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor (similar)
Ring: vintage
Heels: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

September 12, 2016

Kate Spade Emerald Green Dress

*Unrelated to anything fashion, but I scheduled this post for September 12 and am now editing it on September 11 as I've spent the better part of the day watching 9/11 documentaries and reading articles about the attacks. I highly recommend this article from Politico which traces the movements of President Bush on 9/11 through the compilation of interviews with many of his staff and members of the government/military who interacted with him on that day. This was all new information for me and I found it so so interesting (warning, it's very long!). And now back to your regular programming:

I had a bar association networking event the other week so I decided to wear a more eye-catching dress than normal. I loved the color of this Kate Spade emerald green dress, but the linen material was unfortunately wrinkle prone. I don't know why anyone even makes anything but extremely casual clothing in linen.. it's just not usable. The neckline of this dress was bedazzled, so I didn't wear a necklace and just wore earrings and my gold watch to accessorize. Oh also, it was extremely muggy and hot when I took photos, so the camera lens fogged up and this was the best I could do! Oops. I couldn't find this exact dress for sale online, but I did find some really cute work-appropriate green dresses, so check them out below. 
Dress: Kate Spade (similar)
Earrings: Macy's (similar)
Bag: Brahmin
Watch: Michael Kors
Heels: Cole Haan (on sale but limited sizes!


September 7, 2016

Summer Wedding: Brushstroke Open Back Dress

This was one of the dresses I was choosing between for the wedding that took place in Mammoth Lakes, CA earlier this summer. I had my eye on this dress to rent for a long time, and it was so hard to put it on the back burner and wear something else. That's why I ended up taking pictures in it when I got back from the wedding to show how I'd style this dress at a summer wedding. I wore my hair in a low side pony with loose waves to show off the back of the dress, which is very low and open. You'd have to go bra-less or wear a stick on front bra with this type of open back. I kept my jewelry simple since the dress has a lot going on, and I used my trusty Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip bag as a clutch by taking off the chain strap. How would you wear this dress?
Earrings: (similar)
Bracelet: vintage from Grandma (similar)
Heels: Charlotte Russe (similar but $$$)

September 6, 2016

Milly Abstract Mini Dress

I wore the below Milly mini-dress on a night out in Ocean City, Maryland. I flew to MD on a weekend in July to see my BFFs from college. If I'm lucky, I get to see my sorority sisters once or twice a year, at most. This year, we spent the weekend going to Seacrets (it was my first time there!), spending time at the beach that you can see behind me, eating a lot of crab at dinner, and catching Pokemon! (It was back during the first or second weekend that the game was released, so we were all into it, lol). These shoes from Forever 21 get the most wear out of almost everything in my closet. I've had them for a few years, they match everything, and the block heel is so comfortable. I've probably worn then 100 times. Unfortunately, this time below was the last time, as one of the heels cracked and I threw the shoes out after this trip :( Aside from the work-horse shoes, I loved this Milly dress that I rented for the trip. The bright colors and mod silhouette really spoke to me. When I went to create the widget to show you guys this dress, I found out it also comes in a sheath dress AND a pencil skirt!! Umm and all 3 (the mini dress, sheath, and skirt) are currently on sale!!! I might have to get the sheath dress - I see me wearing it to work! 
Dress: Milly
Heels: Forever 21 (similar)
Lips: ColourPop Beeper

September 5, 2016

Summer Wedding in June Lake, CA

This summer has been my summer of travel. Since July, I've flown somewhere every 2 weeks. It's been hectic and crazy, but these trips have been so memorable. I have outfits from a bunch of the trips, including the below wedding in June Lake, CA (near Mammoth ski mountain), but I didn't take any outfit photos when I went to Seattle. (Amazing city BTW. I need to go back and spend more time there!). Anyway, my boyfriend's cousin lives in June Lake, and we flew out for her wedding in the beginning of August. The weather was perfect and we were able to pack so much into our short 3 day, 4 night stay. We hiked all 3 days, including a strenuous 2-hour hike the morning of the wedding. We also went to Yosemite, the Bodie ghost town, and - maybe my favorite - watched a meteor shower from natural hot springs outside of Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was... amazing. Below is my outfit that I wore to the wedding. In the next week or so I'll show 2 other wedding guest outfits that are perfect for summer weddings. I had such a hard time choosing which dress to wear but this red lace one from Nha Khanh won out :) 
The wedding was at the June Lake ski mountain lodge, and the views were obviously incredible. Behind me are 3 lakes - June Lake, Gall Lake, and Mono Lake (Mono is one of the oldest lakes in North America). 
I wore NEW shoes from the Saks brand to the wedding. Wearing new shoes to a long event like a wedding can be a stupid idea.. but these worked out GREAT. The leather molded right to my feet, and the block heel was very comfortable. I got these at Off 5th, so if you see them in the store, I highly recommend them! 
Dress: Nha Khanh
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bracelet: vintage from Grandma
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (similar)