October 5, 2016

Makeup Revolution $10 Sugar & Spice Blush Palette

On Sunday I went to the gym with my boyfriend for the first time in... a very long time. Afterward, BF wanted to pick up new tennis shoes so I conned him into going to a nearby DSW and I stopped in to Ulta next door after he got his shoes. I know there is a sharp divide between Sephora lovers and Ulta lovers, and I am firmly in the Ulta camp. I think the deals are better, plus I love being able to shop for both high end and drug store makeup at the same store, or the same online store. There are many times that I'll pick up a $30 makeup brush or an expensive foundation, but also pick up a few "buy one get one 50% off deals" from the drug store section. This time, I went into the store with no purpose but saw they had a solid Makeup Revolution selection. I've seen the brand on the internet but haven't tried it for myself, so I picked up one of their VERY affordable blush palettes to try. We're talking $10 ($8 after a 20% off Ulta coupon) for 8 different blushes. 
I know I'm not a beauty blogger, but I love makeup just as much as the average style blogger :) Here is a mini review along with swatches. 
First of all, I loved the packaging - very sleek. Downfall is it shows fingerprints. I legit wiped this off before taking pictures #reallife. 
The palette is clearly pink/orange based. It has 6 matte shades and 2 'baked' shimmer highlight shades.
Above are swatches left to right in the shade.
Below are swatches left to right in direct sunlight. 
I can see myself wearing all of them EXCEPT the shimmery pink highlighter all the way to the right. I might use that one as an eyeshadow, or not use it at all. You win some you lose some. Online reviews complain that some shades sink into skin and fade too quickly. I would agree that some shades (the 3 ones to the far left) faded into my arm very quickly, however it left them looking natural. The 3 pinks closer to the right are staying strong pigmentation wise though! 
For the $ value and pigmentation I would recommend this palette. I can't wait to try more of the Makeup Revolution line, especially their wide array of eyeshadow palettes! 

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