I came up with some categories that encompass most of my outfits:
1. Business Formal - The most formal attire for work. At the far end of the spectrum this should be a pant or skirt suit with matching jacket and bottom, worn with a blouse or button up shirt and "sensible" close-toed shoes. At the other end of the spectrum you can mix and match the bottom and blazer, but take a cue from the other women in your office!
2. Business Casual - A step down from business formal, business casual to me usually means a skirt or trousers with a blouse and cardigan. No jeans. 
3. Casual Work - This is more for the office where jeans are allowed. As long as you are wearing jeans on the bottom, you want to keep it professional looking everywhere else. This might mean close-toed shoes, a blouse and a cardigan or blazer. You can likely experiment more with shoe style and jewelry. 
4. Casual - No limitations here - this is where you will find any casual outfits, like going shopping, going out at night, or going on a date.
5. Semi Formal - Sometimes I dress up for various events and post them here!


  1. Thank you for explaining the different categories

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    1. If you are looking at old posts of course the items are sold out. I don't have time to go back into my 400+ posts and fix old links. Whenever I write a new post I make sure to post items that are in stock.

    2. yeah most links dont work or are out of stock, but i still get a lot of inspiration so who the heck cares people are picky.

    3. Hi sexy u are so beautiful and gougeus OMG I love most of the America lady’s I love the pencil skirts you wear I love the navy blue pencil skirts u have and the other skirts like the grey ones you wear and the suit dresses u wear you look beautiful did u get that other skirt sorted out with the lining that was hanging out of it what colour was it was it black ? X how old are u if u don’t mind me asking u ? LoL

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